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An average human being irrespective of culture, tradition, system, location has this innate desire to relate with a super power or even become one. By super power I mean something or someone greater and more powerful than one, in most cases spiritual. A source we can draw strength from and feel safe at the thought of.

For many people, relating with a super power or deity through an object or an individual is just fine. Really this is most common. It usually appears as if one must be given right of access to the deity especially when it appears we need to relate with the super power through an individual.
In fact in most climes, only the adults can have easy access to relate with an object or representative of a deity. If at all a young person gets a chance it’s just to watch, obey or such a person is a “chosen one”. Of course one feels safe and powerful being the only one who happens to know a code or password that unlocks something spectacular, powerful, and confidential to say the least.

But here is good news. There is a super powerful being who you do not need an object or permission to relate with. You feel safe, powerful and spectacular with Him and yet you influence others humbly. You feel free to let others have access to Him on their own. No gate fee or hidden charge. A relationship with no interruption or a go between. Here, age, class, tribe, culture isn't an issue.

Legally, one needs to be of some certain age to drink, smoke or posses some things in most countries. But to this super powerful man whose name is Jesus, just anyone can have access to Him. He is not only for adults. He is for all and wants to be for you specially. The only Super Power who is for all but yet can be customized for you.

He is the super powerful you don't need permission from anyone to have access to. The only person you need permission from is you.
More so you have a direct access 24/7 all year round from anywhere in the world. Isn't that amazing. In as much as you have given yourself permission to relate with Jesus, never forget intimacy with Him is not only for adults.

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