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There is someplace where safety is guaranteed. Where one feels completely secured and is assured of rest despite all the happenings world over.

From Boko Haram bombings in Nigeria to the radical Islamic groups bloodshed in the Middle East. From Xenophobic attacks in South Africa to Serial shootings, Homicides, Racism in the Americas and Terrorism in many places.
From Abject poverty in Africa to Incessant Rape cases in India and Sweden. Debt crisis and Welfare cuts, Earthquakes, Heatwave, Typhoons, Landslides, Tornadoes, Flooding, Hurricanes, Wars and rumors of war, Insecurity, Corruption, Plane crashes, Diseases, Epidemics, Falsehoods, Broken homes, Bad leadership, Kidnappings, Global warming, Injustice, Discrimination, Rejection, Suicide, Religious intolerance, Confusion, Depression etc. These are some of the issues human race are having to deal with, and we are all affected in one way or the other.

These issues make us sad, unhappy, discouraged, greatly distressed, hopeless, helpless, depressed, tired, and sometimes even lost. Many a times we just don't know what to do or where to go.
Hmmmm! It can be pathetic. Some are left with no other choice than to do terribly awful things in order to survive. Some decide to let go of life itself.

Irrespective of what we decide to do in different situations of life, I need you to know that one place is safe. Your heart with CHRIST in it is safe. Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty God is SAFE.

Difficult life situations, vexations of the soul, worries and problems make everywhere unsafe, and we are constantly under threat of body harm. But you need to know here is safe, your heart with Christ in it, irrespective of where ever you may be located.

Even when our choices and decisions have made us be at risk. Even when we have been subjected to risk of losing it all, here can still be safe, our hearts with CHRIST in it. He stands at the door to your HEART asking to come in.
Simply let Him in and keep Him in always.

So long you allow Christ in and keep Him in your heart, He will steer you through the course of life. No time is too late to let Him in. Only when life is no more will it become late.
Before letting go of life itself due to overwhelming situations, let go of your heart to Jesus first and you will be safe even eternally.

Edited by Tobi Oni.
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We sing a song in school that says: Parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow, try to pay our school fee and give us sound education.

Not just our parents, but to every adult, do not just pay our school fee, please teach us to be better citizens of our great nation Nigeria. Help us be children when we must be and adults we need to become.

We have always been told we are the leaders of tomorrow.
Please teach us how to lead and to lead better than you from today.
So the leadership weight of tomorrow will not be too heavy on us.

Remember we learn from what we see being done around us.
We ask that our education should not just be restricted to the four walls of our school.
Please model to us good virtues and character that will remain with us to sustain us farther in life in addition to the good things you buy for us. You know we love those goodies too.

Please make our country safe for us to live in today and for tomorrow.
Please do all you can to bring back our girls. We desire that as we celebrate our Nation's next independence memorial they are back with their families.

Thank you for celebrating us today.

Happy children's day to us.

God bless you.

Photo Credit: Footprints of David Art Academy. undefined
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