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Every fiber of my being detests it, but recently I am beginning to see it in a new light. However, I still don’t welcome it as a lover’s hug.

If Joseph had accepted Potiphar’s wife offer, it would have been so convenient, extremely so. Hammocks, cushions, dates and stolen kisses along the banks of the Nile would seemingly be a better option than a prison anytime.
Less work and more fun appears to be a better deal but thing was, the road to the palace had to be navigated through prison walls.

It was in the stressful environments of being a slave and a prisoner that Joseph honed his craft, developed capacity, learned administration and acquired managerial skills.
The harsh conditions brought out his very best so much that he became the go-to man.

I would wager that many ladies would swoon over dudes with bulging pecs, rippling beefcakes and six packs (not the beer kind).
That kind of musculature does not fall like ripe cherries over men. If it did, I would have looked more like Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.
It comes by STRESS!
Stress that is laser focused and intentionally deployed. That is what Joseph did with his stress. He did not drag himself around in a catatonic haze moping and weeping, wondering why the deck of life had dealt him a bad hand.

Human beings can be stressful and Joseph encountered many of such people but he never became bitter or petty.
It was human beings that led him to the prison, brothers inclusive. It was also a human being that brought him out.

In it all Joseph still loved people (his dream boiled down to all about saving people), which was why he was able to see that the crestfallen countenance of the Butler and the Baker.
There would have been no shortage of schadenfreude for another in Joseph’s shoes seeing the notable officers of Pharaoh thrown in to share his gloomy quarters.

The most remarkable thing of all was that in those stressful seasons of his life, HE NEVER GAVE UP ON HIS DREAM! This was why he told the Butler, “Mention me unto Pharaoh, tell Pharaoh about me, give my dossier or C.V to the monarch!”
That was crazy audacity of faith and hope.

The dreams he had were dreams of leadership, of being first amongst equals and to him that meant he could stand in the same court with Pharaoh.
His brothers could take away his colorful robe but negative, stressful conditions and people could not strip him of his total belief and commitment to his dreams.

Stressful conditions and peeps abound but how we fare in such situations is dependent on us. Would we allow them break us, lose faith and hate people or would we use them to increase our capacity, skills and love?


Use stress and distress to your advantage as you hold on to your dream.

I trust that very soon, your phone will ring off the hook and you will pick up to hear Pharoah’s chief of Staff calling you to the palace.
When the time comes, will you be the man or woman for the job????
I believe we have everything it takes to be......BE EXPECTANT....

Written by Dr. Ekpo Ezechinyere undefined
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Purposeful Perspective

Someone once said; people were created to be loved and things(materials) were created to be used. But the world is in chaos because things are being loved and people are being used.
Having the right perspective of things and situations actually goes a long way in saving us a lot of troubles and regrets. And occasionally, it is good to look at the past to gain a perspective on the present.

Mark Zukerberg had a reason for creating facebook. He saw the need for people connecting with each other across various geographical location and time. He saw a need to connect people across various divides, while some see it as a means of propagating and carrying out nefarious activities.
Irrespective of the numerous misuse of the social media platform, the primary and ultimate purpose of connecting people is still there, no one can take this away.

Now permit me to ask that we see things in the perspective of its purpose for existence and apply its use mostly based on purpose.
Yes I agree that we should think outside the box and be creative with things, to have several other perspective so we can get the best out of it but we must be careful not to allow perversion. We shall be talking about different examples highlighting primary purposes for existence most importantly to educate us and also as a reminder.

1. Clothes: Irrespective of beliefs, religion or location I am certain we all agree that it's meant primarily for cover, warmth and beautification. To protect our skin from being hit by harsh weather elements or objects.
I have seen situations where people were glad they had their bodies covered with clothes because it prevented some stain and damage to the skin. We are wowed when we see people dressed neatly and nicely.

On the other hand, clothes could pose some certain threats. An example is a heavy machine operator not wearing a specified clothing designed for such activity but wearing a flowing cloth. A flowing or loose apparel could get him or her as well as other people hurt. The flowing part could get into the moving machine parts and pull in a body part (e.g. his fingers) if not all the body along. That could be very fatal if not deadly.

FACT: Dress purposefully. As occasion demands keeping in mind safety, modesty, beauty and decency.

Its socially acceptable that someone who has his/her hair dirty and&; unkempt, torn dirty clothes on and wanders on the street is most probably mentally ill and out of touch. In this light it is just socially acceptable also that we dress in such a way that we will be admired and respected and not seen as mentally ill.

Well done to fashion designers world over who have contributed to keeping us covered and fashionable at the same time . And we encourage upcoming creative fashion designers because its a  huge money making business. But we still need to keep in view that clothings are first for the very purpose of cover, warmth and beautification.
Yeah some people believe in the saying if you have got it flaunt it. They see nothing wrong in walking around half-naked in the name of being fashionable and trendy. It seems like they derive a depraved satisfaction when people ogle them. But looking closely again, it is observed that no one likes to be jeered at. Hence the need for us to always dress purposefully.

Please feel free to share your comments. Remember we all can get better together. Editor: Tobi Oni Co- editor: Olatokun Kolajo.undefined
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Different people will have different description of the image above.
Some may see it as half full, some as half empty. Some may even say it is as good as empty since it is not full.

We all have different perspective to issues and situations of life. We see things in different ways. This is just how humans are wired. Mr. A's perspective to an issue is not bad neither is Mr. B's perspective to the same issue.

Someone may say learning is only done in the class room. For example you can only do science experiments mostly in the lab. While another person says learning can be done even on the street because they believe they could learn anywhere even with real life issues.

Our perspective to issues may make us see limitation or opportunities. For some, every challenge life throws at them is seen as a problems with or without solution while other see those challenges as opportunities to become better and learn more.

Each of us constantly or at some point encounters some roadblocks in achieving our dreams and aspirations. It is a normal principle of life which will not change.
But this roadblock is not to make us give up rather it is to sharpen our minds and help us become innovative.
To help us engage the power of our mind in imaginative and innovative thinking to get right solution(s) to our problems.

The saying goes thus that two good heads are better than one. Also that problem shared is half solved.
These statements have proven to be true because when you share your challenges with right minds, you are open to other people’s perspectives on how to approach the issue.
Hence you have more options open to you in form of solutions to the problem.

Are you having challenges with life and you feel stuck; at a crossroad; having problems making life altering decisions or you want other peoples opinion concerning an issue? Please feel free to share so you can have optional solutions to help you move on and be better.
You just might be one thought away from the right solution.

Please go to the comments section of this blog or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share with us because you are not alone and we care.
You could choose to be anonymous in your comments.

We would love to read from you.

Post Edited by: Kolajo Olatokun.undefined
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