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This one got me scratching my head furiously....
And the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.
This is the most paradoxical of statements, if there ever was one. A slave has nada, absolutely nothing! So how could a slave boy be said to be prosperous?

Then I got hit by an eureka moment, not while in the bath though.
If one is bereft of everything and anything but the person is committed to a burning dream, a dream that defies death then the person is not poor, can never be destitute, NEVER!
We know there was a time Harrison Ford was a carpenter.

But the LORD was with Joseph, and shewed him mercy, and gave him favour in the sight of the keeper of the prison.
What would make The One who gave Saturn its colorful rings leave his streets of gold and go dwell with an impoverished immigrant in some squalid slave quarters and also move with him into a dank, gloomy dungeon?

You see, God had a dream. It was to save humanity through a gift, His Son.
The Son was to come through a lineage and if that family tree got uprooted or extirpated, it would affect the dream. Hence the lineage had to stay intact; it had to be totally preserved.
Nothing must disrupt the line. It was imperative that Joseph had to save his father and brothers, it was a must! On the other hand, the people the gift was meant for had to be alive to receive it too.
It was a global dream that included you and me in futuristic aeons to come.

Joseph bought into God’s dream. His dream benefited him quite alright but it was ultimately God’s.
God and Joseph were in a partnership to realize the same goal. Though he was just a teenager.
The dude was carrying something that mattered to heaven, a matter that eternity had interest in. That was why The Almighty had to follow Joseph wherever he went. He had to make sure things panned out good for the lad.

It is good to have dreams of our own but most importantly, it is wonderfully great to tap into God’s dream.
God is a lover and is all about people. He is consumed with blessing humanity and making lives better.
The dreams God will go all out for to make happen will be the ones that carry His heartbeat, passion, selfless ones.

Joseph knew this. He was aware of the fact that he could not make the dream come alive on his own, which was why he turned his back on Potiphar’s wife. He told her the transgression would be against God, he did not even mention his master.

The dream Giver still has dreams, massive ones for the good of humanity and is looking for dream catchers like Joseph who will unite with him to bring them to pass.
Let us all endeavor to get on this train...
I believe it will be a ride more exciting than the Orient Express.....

Written by Dr. Ekpo Ezechinyere
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