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Arise O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey. To defend Nigeria, speak peace within her walls and prosperity within her palaces.

To serve our Father land with love and strength and faith with a unified vision of a great Nigeria. Pursued with all diligence, skill, competence and character.

A Nigerian where power supply is not erratic. One where her citizens irrespective of tribe, location, age, gender are valued and have access to basic needs of life as a right and not as a privilege.

A Nigeria where Nigerian Police is truly a friend, keeping citizens secure, not extorting nor being trigger happy snuffing lives of citizens to be protected.

And may the labour of our heroes past never be in vain as we place greater value on our huge and vast human resources than money. Measuring success not by wealth amassed but by positive impact and positive transformation of human lives.

To serve with heart and might one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity. A Nigeria where the heart of leaders and followers are united in love and the vision of Nigeria’s greatness. Where our heart and actions are not rooted in avarice but in fairness,good character justice and competency.

Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause; and forthwith stamp out corruption, ensure the rescue our kidnapped girls, putting an end to terrorism, drastically against bad and expensive governance.

Guide the present leaders right despite political differences and help our youths the truth to know. So that doing the right thing becomes the order of the day. Where the fear of making the wrong choices become the beginning of wisdom.

In love and honesty to grow, living just and true; creating a country that brings out the best in her citizens. So that as to stand shoulder to shoulder with other great nations of the world, not only in scientific breakthroughs and technological achievements, but in values and virtues and serving as a beacon of hope in a morally decadent world. A country where making money will be by smart; hard work, problem solving, credible idea generation and no longer by using human body parts.

Great lofty heights we shall attain as we unite together as one in purpose and vision, putting to profitable use our vast human capital and natural resources. Putting aside our differences so as to build the Nigeria of our dreams where peace and justice shall reign.

I see a New Nigeria where we all see development and progress as our pride and collective responsibility. Where our minds are simply dependent on good values and virtues.

Bless Nigeria. Bless My Homeland Forever…

Co-author and Editor: Tobi Oni
Author: Oluwakemi Adeyemo undefined
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There is about to be a re-creation in Nigeria. There is a process of evolution that God is setting in motion.

We are getting pregnant with a new Nigeria. A beautiful Nigeria. A valuable Nigeria. A wealthy Nigeria. In this new Nigeria it will be absurd to see people in the front seat of a moving car without their seat belt, or breaking the traffic light etc. There is a new Nigeria where if you don’t know how to live in an orderly society, you will be jailed. The present Nigeria we have is one in which people believe you can’t succeed in business except you are corrupt and give bribe, but there is a new Nigeria coming where corruption will be an aberration.

In the old Nigeria, when someone says I am going into business, you know what he or she meant. It means I’m going into contract mostly government contract. The value you place on yourself will affect your behavior, confession and how you treat yourself. One major problem I see around is that most people don’t believe they deserve a better life. For me, it is not a question of maybe or maybe not, Nigerians deserve a better way of life. When I drive on the street and see the deprivation, and poverty, I know they deserve a better quality of life.

But you have to begin from now to condition your environment to the new revelation of a new Nigeria. Become a new and different person and make a different demand on your environment. Carry a different atmosphere of your own. When Jesus was around, He said the kingdom of heaven is here. Know you are under a different government. You have a different constitution, which is superior to this natural one. There is no sickness or poverty around you in that environment.

If Lagos in 30 years’ time will become as beautiful as New York, it’s not the government that will fix your house for you or plant a green lane in front of your house. The government can only fix public places. You will have to be the government and do your part and your neighbor will do his part. That’s when the city will look better. The most forceful way to pass this message across is to become different. Do your part and God cannot but do His own part.

I drive myself around and people wonder why I do that. This is because the old Nigerian mindset is – as soon as God is blessing you a little bit, you should start sitting in the owner’s corner. The most comfortable place in a car by design is the driver’s seat- that’s the owner’s corner. That is why all the buttons that control things in the car are around that seat. If Jesus tarries, by the time I am ninety I will still be driving, not an old man condemned to the back seat.

In the new Nigeria, people will be empowered that it will be so expensive to employ the services of a driver. I’m saying this so people will begin to adjust. Instead of housemaid, you’d buy a dishwasher. Or washing machine, drying machine, and learn to do things yourself. The temptation in Nigeria is that as you become powerful, you get a siren. But that is not the new Nigeria I see, I see a new Nigeria where justice will be the order of the day and there will be equality. A new Nigeria where power will not be abused but used for the right purpose.

I see a new Nigeria, the dawn of a new day. Will you be part of it or remain in the confines of the old Nigeria?

Written by Sam Adeyemi. A NEW NIGERIA.
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We sing a song in school that says: Parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow, try to pay our school fee and give us sound education.

Not just our parents, but to every adult, do not just pay our school fee, please teach us to be better citizens of our great nation Nigeria. Help us be children when we must be and adults we need to become.

We have always been told we are the leaders of tomorrow.
Please teach us how to lead and to lead better than you from today.
So the leadership weight of tomorrow will not be too heavy on us.

Remember we learn from what we see being done around us.
We ask that our education should not just be restricted to the four walls of our school.
Please model to us good virtues and character that will remain with us to sustain us farther in life in addition to the good things you buy for us. You know we love those goodies too.

Please make our country safe for us to live in today and for tomorrow.
Please do all you can to bring back our girls. We desire that as we celebrate our Nation's next independence memorial they are back with their families.

Thank you for celebrating us today.

Happy children's day to us.

God bless you.

Photo Credit: Footprints of David Art Academy. undefined
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