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Purposeful perspective of money II

As much as money is needed for most things that aids survival, so also there is the need to have good information and understanding about money, especially how to make it.
In addition to making money, one needs to imbibe the habit of saving it and investing it.

Below are some ways in which money is usually made:
1. Selling products.
2. Rendering services.
3. Working as an employee and being paid.

As an individual or nation we need to determine what product(s) to sell, service(s) to render and what jobs to do in exchange for money.
As a young person who needs money for one or two things relating to basic needs of life or getting an education, selling needed product(s) could just be a source of cash inflow to meet those needs.

The internet is full of adverts and publications on the things people need, and these needs could be met by offering to sell products or render the necessary services to those who need them.
Of course, some of the processes involved in such ventures could be a little intricate, but this post is basically to highlight basic ways to make money.

Many young people render services such as serving food at parties, waiters in restaurants, traffic/parking-control warden, car exterior cleaning during events and they get paid.
Some have horned their skills in making party food, cocktail drinks, dessert, steak meat, smoked fish, barbecue etc and they are paid to render these services at events.

Being very brilliant in some subjects may just be a gift you can convert into making money by teaching other students such subjects at a fee. But you must be very good at it and be able to pass across that knowledge effectively.

There are some market places where some people dread going because of navigation issues and the fear of being cheated. These uncharted areas can be explored; whereby you lead customers to these market areas where they would get good quality products and real value for their money, and you reach an agreement on how much to be paid for your time, patience, knowledge and value you have added to them.
Customers must be able to trust that you will lead them through the market successfully and not try to deceive them.

In busy cities, working a paid employment could be time consuming. Most workers would appreciate some relief when you do their laundry, sweep or clean for them. All these must be done with caution and accountability. If services will be rendered in people's homes, one may insist on it being done outdoors for the sake of safety and to prevent being harassed.

People get on the internet for information and education these days. This is another area with huge wealth potentials that can be unlocked. If you need more proof, ask Linda Ikeji, Mark Zuckerberg and a host of other people who have used the social media and leveraged on internet to bridge the gap between money and them.

Making hair for little girls is a service area where most hairdressers shy from because of the belief that making hair for children takes more time and is tedious. Someone might just develop that patience to make hair for children and start to make good money. Train others to do likewise and refer them to your teeming customers. You could decide to charge a token fee on your referrals.

Even as a barber, you may have a mobile hygienic barbing kit; A power bank to power your clipper or that of your client; a mirror and a host of other items that enable you deliver excellent home service.
I often see parents driving a distance just to get a haircut for their boys or even for themselves. Bringing excellent haircut service to them in their homes would have saved them some time and cost.

TIP: If bridal makeovers fetch money for people, then you can invent “groom makeover”.

FACT: Only if we would take time to look inwards, around us, and have a positive outlook on life would we find that there are lots of ideas we could convert to tangible products and services to bridge the gaps between money and us.

A major hindrance so far is the fact that honesty, reliability, Integrity, confidentiality and good human relationship skills are very scarce these days. And without such characteristics, these money-making ideas might not be successful even as you have known some now or as you may already have.

ACTION: If we could decide to start being honest, hard;smart working, reliable, and trustworthy in our dealings with other people, you will be surprised how these virtues over time translate to tangible wealth and you have your needs met.

Edited by: Tobi Oni

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