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Lizzy went on the internet to read about committing suicide. Of course who would really want to commit suicide and go about asking people on how to. Very few would do that.
She soon found out different ways of committing suicide. I wish she could gather the strength to google instead “how to overcome emotional challenges or how to be free from life’s issues or I need help”. However, it is understandable these issues can be overwhelming and causes negative energies to surge more than the positive.

Lizzy tried a couple of things to end her life but she didn’t die. She admitted it takes some guts to end one’s life if not influenced by demons. She was later grateful that demons didn’t attend to her thoughts of committing suicide all the while.

She admitted committing suicide was not the way out.

It turned out that someone had been observing her while she was working. Lizzy really couldn’t have noticed there was someone looking out for her. And of course having been through life so roughly at such an early stage, it never crossed her mind that anyone could genuinely love and care for her.

Eventually, this lady sought her out. Gradually Lizzy warmed up to the lady and was able to share her story in episodes.
For the first time she didn’t feel judged for her way of life and past experience. What a relief. She experienced the reality of someone truly loving her and wanted nothing in return.

Perhaps you are just like Lizzy. You have issues weighing you down and just no one to talk to especially in climes and regions where you as a victim will be blamed and stigmatized for circumstances you didn’t have control over such as similar to Lizzy’s case.

This post is dedicated to you whether male or female, to let you know that you are not alone.

Life may have been tough for you growing up just like it was for Lizzy. You have these battles going on in your mind. You feel no one cares and no one can understand.

Yes you are right about no one being able to understand. However, sharing with someone eases the burden.


And then the question of who can I share with. Everyone seems to be having their issues and as a result they say “fix yourself”.
I am glad to let you know there is a way out. If you believe in God, simply pray to Him to send you someone you can trust and feel free to talk to. Who can hold your hand through such a phase as you become better.

At Better Me, we love you and care about you.

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Have you ever had to feel like you are different or behave differently from your brother, sister, friend and at some point you feel you behave in a similar way with somebody in another class or in the neighborhood? I bet your answer is yes. You see some of your peers all jumpy and can talk to everybody for hours unending, yet you wonder how can they be this much of a talkative when you find it so easy to keep quiet and just watch. You or that other person different from you are simply being true to what we call individual temperament. Temperament can be defined simply as the combination of mental, physical, and emotional traits of a person; natural predisposition or as the manner of thinking, behaving, or reacting characteristic of a specific person. Our temperament is why we behave or act the way we do. There are two broad categories to simply explain temperaments: Introvert and Extrovert. There is this person in your class who is always quiet and never talks unless he or she is requested to talk. His or her name will hardly be in the list of noise makers and the person usually seem to be in a world of his/her own per time. This description may even fit you. We may then say that you or that person is introverted. On the flip side, there is this person who likes to talk, makes attempt at making the class lively. He or she is hardly quiet. You will find such person's name in the list of noise makers almost all the time. When the gathering is quiet, he or she is likely to make the first sound. You easily notice the person's absence in class or gathering because they can hardly not make their presence known. This description may even fit you.We may then say that you or that person is extroverted. Does any of these two category describe you or someone you now? If yes then you are step deep into knowing who you are psychologically and learning how to accept other people for who they are. More to come soon.
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