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I did a couple of posts on dreams at the beginning of the year and revisiting the life of the dreamer recently made my eyes pop once again as if I were Alice in wonderland.

It occurred to me that in a world where most would want to be magicians conjuring wealth and success like bunnies out of hats (this really applies to a country like ours riddled with 419 schemes, kidnappings and all kinds of nefarious activities. Youths wanting to become Dangotes in two shakes of a lambs tail) and where people bind and loose at the drop of a hat, most would have quickly denounced and rejected Joseph’s dream.

We would have woken up the next morning shouting tufia, snapping our fingers over our heads, pleaded the blood of Jesus until we were hoarse, visited some charlatans garbed as prophets to cast out the demons behind such invading visions and all sorts of clowning activities.

For most, a dream would be about a cruise, sipping Piña Colada on the beaches of the Caribbean, taking selfies on camels in Dubai, house warming, driving the much coveted Bugatti, having a wedding in Vegas, etc.

Then along comes the poster child of dreams and he poo-poos on everything we hold dear with his dream.

Joseph dreams that he was on a farm, smeared with dirt, grimy, sweaty and stacking food.
Who wants to see himself slaving away on a farm instead of a boat ride along the Danube???

Dude was working; his dream was built on work. He saw a revelation of himself being industrious.

His dream told us to wake up and smell the coffee; that our dreams won’t mean squat if we are lazy!
That work ethic guided him all his life and took him from slavery and incarceration to the palace.

Every authentic dreamer must see himself engaged in meaningful work!

For any dream to come true the instrumentality of work has to take an upper role, call the shots, and dictate the direction of our deepest desires.

It is actually not farfetched, first time we met God in Genesis, He was in heavenly overalls working and putting a dream he had for the world in place.
He put His back into it so much that he had to go on vacation after it all.

A major malady plaguing our nation from our political to educational systems and more is that most want the vacation without the work and this has resulted in decrepit systems.

For any dream to be actualized, it must be worked at religiously, whether spiritual, professional, financial, and growing older I have come to know that it also applies to marital and parental.

Dreams are bridges that connect our present with our future. What forms the foundations of those dreams is work.

That means lazy people cannot access the future.
That means without work, there is no enduring tomorrow.

It is profound what Jesus said.... MY FATHER WORKETH HITHERTO, AND I WORK!


Written by Dr. Eze Ekpochinyere



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