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Crushing? Let's talk about it girls

by in Better Me
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There is this guy in your school, neighborhood, church, who makes you swoon.

He’s tall, funny, talented and incredibly handsome. Looks like you have some things in common and you like being around him. When he sings, dances, talks, plays football, draws or looks at you, you feel the butterflies in your tummy and always look forward to when you'll get to see him again even if you don't really talk.

Yes you are not in it alone.

Let's talk about it and learn some things to do about such feelings.undefinedundefined


  • Guest
    Me Monday, 16 March 2015

    What an interesting topic. You feel all so shy and restless a times. Talk about it maybe. But to who? Him? Thinking about it. :)

  • Oluwakemi Adeyemo
    Oluwakemi Adeyemo Monday, 16 March 2015

    Interesting. You feel all so shy and girlish waiting for another opportunity to see him. And you are wondering should I tell him? Does he know? Will he make fun of me? :)

  • Guest
    Me Monday, 16 March 2015


  • Guest
    Yemisi Wednesday, 18 March 2015

    Get someone to pray with you and see more of the future in terms of what you need and want to achieve in life. If its true love time will tell and it can always wait for the right time. Love is patient and suffers long. Crush or whatever feeling at this stage if not properly handled could destroy or set back a beautiful future. God is The God of order. Every thing has its time. When i was s a teenager and with other teenagers we had crushes but we made it a tool to help us be better. We turned it into a sort of competition to achieve our dreams of being what we chose to become academically e.g doctors, architects, engineers etc. We made a pact to meet at the top and for great friendships. Those who couldn't handle it well I will say got burnt with the fire.

  • Guest
    Adesuwa Wednesday, 18 March 2015

    Avoiding the item or object of crush can be helpful. Engaging in interesting things that takes your mind off it. Such feeling isn't bad in itself but what we do with it matters. Get a good explanation of the feeling from someone who can be sincere and kind to help you know more who is older.
    Be free and disclose your feelings to someone who can assist you through the phase.

  • Guest
    Philip Wednesday, 18 March 2015

    Crushing? Don't be secretive about it. Having a crush is a good thing but if not well managed can be devastating.

    (As a counselor who such teenager may have confided in you have to give her some freedom. You really have to cos if you don't, she won't confide in you any longer she will avoid you and start to hide things from you. First thing you need is to let her gain your confidence. Show yourself as someone she can confide in and freely talk to never start with discouraging her. In fact as much as possible, try not to discourage her. You can only explain to her the two sides of the coin and then give her the freewill to make her decision.
    Two sides of the coin - keep crushing on the guy which ca make you loose a whole lot or control her crush to get the best of the situation and life. Crushing is just the beginning and who knows how many crushes she's got or she will have. One more thing is to throw serious questions to her questions that will make her think about whatsoever choices she make questions that will make her see life beyond crushes questions that will make her even know who and what character is worth crushing on.
    Can't think of a direct question here cos of peculiarities of crush cases.
    But please try not to impose anything on her. With time if she can confide in you. She will herself seek your instruction/guidance. But still be careful with that opportunity to give her guidance so she doesn't hide from you)

  • Guest
    Oladayo Wednesday, 18 March 2015

    Get a better explanation on what she thinks she is doing and d dangers, and benefits. Do not go after a guy like its popularly advised now and seen as taking hold of what seemingly belongs to you or may be an opportunity. The guy should be the one to approach you. That is dignity. A girl doesn't approach a guy. And you should be careful and calm even when it appears he feels same way. It ca be too wild an emotion to make decisions on at face value at that moment. Caution is key

  • Guest
    Wale Wednesday, 18 March 2015

    Get as much as possible to avoid contact with the subject of crush (the person you are crushing on). Study the word (Bible) and listen to Spirit-inspired messages. Move with people that are godly. Be encouraged to live a Christ-like life.

  • Guest
    Mobolaji Friday, 20 March 2015

    A good understanding of lust, obsession, infatuation as similar entity in comparison with love is very important. There is time for everything. You need to know there is time for everything in life.

  • Guest
    Williams Friday, 20 March 2015

    The consequences of allowing the feeling to linger might be grave and if not properly handled. If it lingers, create a distance between you and the person. If possible limit communication till you get over it.

  • Guest
    Oluwakemi Friday, 20 March 2015

    See it this way. It's a feeling that will come a couple of times through your life time. So at whatever age it comes, it should be managed in ways other commenters have mentioned. Trust me you can control the feeling. If you let it control you and you do what the feeling demands, you may not like yourself in the end. Especially when the person you are crushing on doesn't value or respect you. The story of Amnon and Tamar in 2nd Samuel 13 shows us how most cases of crush/infatuation ends if not we'll managed wether you are a female or male. Be careful who you talk to and advises you at such a time. Be careful where you meet. If your crush gets to know and asks you to meet up somewhere secluded for matters that can wait please do not go. If you must meet anybody at all, do not go alone or make sure someone you are accountable to knows all the details of who you are meeting. The Lord shall lead and guide your steps through life in Jesus name.

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