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Arise O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey. To defend Nigeria, speak peace within her walls and prosperity within her palaces.

To serve our Father land with love and strength and faith with a unified vision of a great Nigeria. Pursued with all diligence, skill, competence and character.

A Nigerian where power supply is not erratic. One where her citizens irrespective of tribe, location, age, gender are valued and have access to basic needs of life as a right and not as a privilege.

A Nigeria where Nigerian Police is truly a friend, keeping citizens secure, not extorting nor being trigger happy snuffing lives of citizens to be protected.

And may the labour of our heroes past never be in vain as we place greater value on our huge and vast human resources than money. Measuring success not by wealth amassed but by positive impact and positive transformation of human lives.

To serve with heart and might one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity. A Nigeria where the heart of leaders and followers are united in love and the vision of Nigeria’s greatness. Where our heart and actions are not rooted in avarice but in fairness,good character justice and competency.

Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause; and forthwith stamp out corruption, ensure the rescue our kidnapped girls, putting an end to terrorism, drastically against bad and expensive governance.

Guide the present leaders right despite political differences and help our youths the truth to know. So that doing the right thing becomes the order of the day. Where the fear of making the wrong choices become the beginning of wisdom.

In love and honesty to grow, living just and true; creating a country that brings out the best in her citizens. So that as to stand shoulder to shoulder with other great nations of the world, not only in scientific breakthroughs and technological achievements, but in values and virtues and serving as a beacon of hope in a morally decadent world. A country where making money will be by smart; hard work, problem solving, credible idea generation and no longer by using human body parts.

Great lofty heights we shall attain as we unite together as one in purpose and vision, putting to profitable use our vast human capital and natural resources. Putting aside our differences so as to build the Nigeria of our dreams where peace and justice shall reign.

I see a New Nigeria where we all see development and progress as our pride and collective responsibility. Where our minds are simply dependent on good values and virtues.

Bless Nigeria. Bless My Homeland Forever…

Co-author and Editor: Tobi Oni
Author: Oluwakemi Adeyemo undefined
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Purposeful Perspective of Money

Money is one word majority of humans existing on earth can relate to. Arguably, it is the most mentioned word daily in the world's vocabulary.
Even a one year old child recognises money in whatever form it is, whether as coins, paper notes irrespective of which part of the globe it is being used.

Wikipedia puts it that Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country or socio-economic context.
The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange; a unit of account; a store of value; and, sometimes, a standard of deferred payment. Any item or verifiable record that fulfills these functions can be considered money.

Money is historically an emergent market phenomenon establishing a commodity (money), but nearly all contemporary money systems are based on fiat money.
Fiat money, like any check or note of debt, is without intrinsic use/value as a physical commodity. It derives its value by being declared by a government to be legal tender; that is, it must be accepted as a form of payment within the boundaries of the country, for "all debts, public and private".

Money is a necessity of the economy. All countries of the world need money to sustainably run a successful economy and to put basic amenities as well as structures in place for improved living conditions of its citizens.
The Family, as a basic unit of the society, as well as an individual needs products and services for which money can be exchanged.

FACT: Money is a means of exchange for services or products, and without it living day-to-day would be hard, and accomplishing tasks/set goals would be difficult if not impossible.

Money can be used as an exchange for a wide variety of products and services. E.g food, clothing items, cars, gadgets, healthcare service, etc.

FACT: Because of the need for money, money needs to be made, and be made legitimately.

Please watch out for the next post on purposeful perspective of money.

Editor: Tobi Oni

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Purposeful Perspective

Someone once said; people were created to be loved and things(materials) were created to be used. But the world is in chaos because things are being loved and people are being used.
Having the right perspective of things and situations actually goes a long way in saving us a lot of troubles and regrets. And occasionally, it is good to look at the past to gain a perspective on the present.

Mark Zukerberg had a reason for creating facebook. He saw the need for people connecting with each other across various geographical location and time. He saw a need to connect people across various divides, while some see it as a means of propagating and carrying out nefarious activities.
Irrespective of the numerous misuse of the social media platform, the primary and ultimate purpose of connecting people is still there, no one can take this away.

Now permit me to ask that we see things in the perspective of its purpose for existence and apply its use mostly based on purpose.
Yes I agree that we should think outside the box and be creative with things, to have several other perspective so we can get the best out of it but we must be careful not to allow perversion. We shall be talking about different examples highlighting primary purposes for existence most importantly to educate us and also as a reminder.

1. Clothes: Irrespective of beliefs, religion or location I am certain we all agree that it's meant primarily for cover, warmth and beautification. To protect our skin from being hit by harsh weather elements or objects.
I have seen situations where people were glad they had their bodies covered with clothes because it prevented some stain and damage to the skin. We are wowed when we see people dressed neatly and nicely.

On the other hand, clothes could pose some certain threats. An example is a heavy machine operator not wearing a specified clothing designed for such activity but wearing a flowing cloth. A flowing or loose apparel could get him or her as well as other people hurt. The flowing part could get into the moving machine parts and pull in a body part (e.g. his fingers) if not all the body along. That could be very fatal if not deadly.

FACT: Dress purposefully. As occasion demands keeping in mind safety, modesty, beauty and decency.

Its socially acceptable that someone who has his/her hair dirty and&; unkempt, torn dirty clothes on and wanders on the street is most probably mentally ill and out of touch. In this light it is just socially acceptable also that we dress in such a way that we will be admired and respected and not seen as mentally ill.

Well done to fashion designers world over who have contributed to keeping us covered and fashionable at the same time . And we encourage upcoming creative fashion designers because its a  huge money making business. But we still need to keep in view that clothings are first for the very purpose of cover, warmth and beautification.
Yeah some people believe in the saying if you have got it flaunt it. They see nothing wrong in walking around half-naked in the name of being fashionable and trendy. It seems like they derive a depraved satisfaction when people ogle them. But looking closely again, it is observed that no one likes to be jeered at. Hence the need for us to always dress purposefully.

Please feel free to share your comments. Remember we all can get better together. Editor: Tobi Oni Co- editor: Olatokun Kolajo.undefined
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On different occasions, we come across many people from various backgrounds. Some we take an instant liking to (almost like we are in love with them at first sight), while some we would want to keep at arms length almost immediately.
The way we act as humans is sometimes difficult to describe. These human ways or attitudes are based on so many factors, out of which four stand out, and they are: Temperament, Behaviour, Character and Personality.

These four factors (Temperament, Behaviour, Character and Personality) are so meshed and intertwined with each other, that often times it is very hard to clearly distinguish them.
Also, taking the individual dictionary definition of each of these words and looking at ourselves in the light of each may be a little confusing. But it is important that we establish a connection between these four factors to see how we exhibit each, the correlations between them , and which of them(if possible all of them) we can work on in order to be a better person.

Temperament is believed to be innate. We were born with it in different blends that evolve over time. An Individual’s temperament is affected by his/her background, surroundings, family, time, etc
Character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. It can also be described as the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of a person. Some of these qualities or traits are Honesty, Responsibility, Reliability, Perseverance, Patience, Kindness, Humility, Courage , Truthfulness, Easy-going nature, level-headedness, Trustworthiness , being Respectful, Selflessness, Temperance to mention a few.

FACT: An individual could have a positive, negative or a combination of positive and negative character traits. No human is 100% perfect per time. There is always a dark-side to everyone, no matter how easy-going or bubbly we appear.
This leads to say that there is a seed of all forms of character trait in each human. It is the qualities or traits that we consciously work on that develop and grow to define us.

NOTE: But we can always be better and keep getting better.

An individual’s temperament surely finds expression through his/her character. Introverts and extroverts can have similar character traits but exhibits them differently. For example, an introverted person who is kind and patient will show these traits in a quiet way while an extroverted person will show similar traits in a bubbly way. We could also say temperament is a style of character presentation.

Behaviour is a reaction or response to internal and external factors at a given time. In a way, our temperament and character trait informs our response or reaction per time. It is worth noting that an individual's character and temperament informs his/her behaviour.

Personality is the combination of qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. It shows the differences in pattern of thinking, feeling and behavior. Often times it is the visible aspect of an individual’s character that impresses others. We often hear statements like, “He has a pleasing personality”, “He is a curious personality”, “He has a terrible personality”. We could say that one's personality stems more from character traits and temperament and it becomes more visible through our behaviour per time,

FACT: One can be trained on character trait(s) and then a matching personality different from what they naturally have. For example, in the movie industry we see actors and actresses taking up different roles which endear them to us or make us detest them all together. A young person can be dressed up and trained to act the role of an elderly person in a movie. We may even get to relate with them based on the role playing personality if they choose to keep that trait.

ACTION: We could develop as much positive character traits as we can, make these character traits to be an integral part of us, and exhibit these qualities in our relationship with people. Being kind, nice, courteous,considerate in our dealings with people, confident, genuinely interested in people ( not because of what we want to gain out of them); being polite to people (whether they be acquaintances or strangers), good listeners (and not pretend that we are) being humble, not full of ourselves, not judgmental whether we are introverts or extroverts can only make us become better and more endearing over time.

NOTE: Only someone who is jealous would dislike us when we have more positive and endearing character traits.
Being better just made easy.

Editors: Tobi Oni, Olatokun Kolajo.

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Different people will have different description of the image above.
Some may see it as half full, some as half empty. Some may even say it is as good as empty since it is not full.

We all have different perspective to issues and situations of life. We see things in different ways. This is just how humans are wired. Mr. A's perspective to an issue is not bad neither is Mr. B's perspective to the same issue.

Someone may say learning is only done in the class room. For example you can only do science experiments mostly in the lab. While another person says learning can be done even on the street because they believe they could learn anywhere even with real life issues.

Our perspective to issues may make us see limitation or opportunities. For some, every challenge life throws at them is seen as a problems with or without solution while other see those challenges as opportunities to become better and learn more.

Each of us constantly or at some point encounters some roadblocks in achieving our dreams and aspirations. It is a normal principle of life which will not change.
But this roadblock is not to make us give up rather it is to sharpen our minds and help us become innovative.
To help us engage the power of our mind in imaginative and innovative thinking to get right solution(s) to our problems.

The saying goes thus that two good heads are better than one. Also that problem shared is half solved.
These statements have proven to be true because when you share your challenges with right minds, you are open to other people’s perspectives on how to approach the issue.
Hence you have more options open to you in form of solutions to the problem.

Are you having challenges with life and you feel stuck; at a crossroad; having problems making life altering decisions or you want other peoples opinion concerning an issue? Please feel free to share so you can have optional solutions to help you move on and be better.
You just might be one thought away from the right solution.

Please go to the comments section of this blog or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share with us because you are not alone and we care.
You could choose to be anonymous in your comments.

We would love to read from you.

Post Edited by: Kolajo Olatokun.undefined
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This past Sunday i was with a family and their 2 yr old was all over the place throwing and kicking balls. He has all kinds of ball. I was amazed at how he was kicking the black & white patterned soccer ball. He had amazing throws and kicks. He looked small for what he was doing but it was obvious his outward size didn't match the energy and talent of a world class footballer in him being displayed at that moment. His brother on the other hand loves to play with animal characters, ride bicycle and play chess. Yes he plays chess at age 4. I would be asking for too much asking the chess player to kick a ball as his 2 yr old brother does.

These two kids somehow know they are different individuals.

The 2 Year old knows he is the bubbly, jumpy, playful type.Plus he likes food. While the 4 yr old knows he is the one off playful, clingy, animal character and moving toys type. He hardly eat. Each of these boys knows what toys to point at in a toy store. Their parents, minders and teachers knows 2yr old is different from 4 yr old despite being born by same parents. In fact the 4 yr old knowing his brothers preference for toys can tell you his brother would not accept a set of toys from you because that is not the type of toys he has interest in. Amazing.

I could say these boys know themselves. They have an identity and they know it.

Building on the past posts that bothers on self discovery and identity i would like to let you know that it matters that you know yourself. Not just knowing yourself, knowing who you are. Its a giant step towards fulfillment in life irrespective of age. Below are some reasons why knowing your identity does matter.

1. You will have a sense of direction and purpose for existence. Jesus clearly knew what His existence on earth was for as shown in the scriptures below:

God’s Spirit is on me;he’s chosen me to preach the Message of good news to the poor,Sent me to announce pardon to prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind, To set the burdened and battered free, to announce, “This is God’s year to act!”.

2. In the game of football, players are arranged on the field of play. No player just takes any position. The positioning is based on their strengths and abilities. You and i know it will be awkward having the goal keeper in the middle of the field of play. You will know your strengths and weaknesses. Not for you to be proud with your strength or shrink in because of your weakness. But for you to know what good lies in your strength for you and for others and to be better on your weakness. You become a solution and being sought after when you develop your strengths.

3. Your identity helps you know what to accept and what to reject. It gives you a sense of dignity being treated for who you are. I mean discovering your innate strengths and interest, exhibiting it and being treated for that.

4. You will be able to live above mediocrity and status quo. You will stand out.

5. It saves you time and energy. You won't live life trying to be somebody else. Trying to be somebody else can be frustrating.

The benefits goes on and on. Please feel free to add yours in the comment tab.undefined
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When a baby is born, almost immediately, older ones around start to describe who the baby looks like. Some say the baby looks like dad, mum, grand dad, grand mum etc. I remember as a child, some say i looked like my dad, some say mum, some say my brother, some say my sister, my dad said i looked like his mum in fact he gave me a name for that reason.
After a while the person who once said i looked like my mum said i looked like my sister again. I grew much older and i get other description of who i resembled. At a time my dad took pride in me resembling his mum (my maternal grandma) and also having liked some things he liked. I am sure you can relate with my story.

Many a time some parent(s) changes towards us for not resembling them either physically or behaviorally and we wonder why. We tend to want to try to be like such a parent so we can keep being in their good books and many atimes we just can not help the changes we feel in our personality and we just want to be different.

At this point we may be seen as rebellious, disobedient, proud, arrogant, non-classy, low class etc.
This also happens within our peers. Some friends want you to be like them, do things, speak, dress, walk and even treat people like they do.
They want you to like the things they like and hate the ones they hate. Some go as far as wanting you to go to places they go only and talk to people they talk to only. Isn't that amazing? It is like other people want to mold you into who they think you should be or what they want you to be. Argghhh!

Taking up different personalities or trying to be and please different people can be so confusing.
But the truth is we all want to be identified. In fact we want to at other times be associated with some set of people or somebody. We take pride in being referred to as looking like or acting like somebody.
For instance, you being a look alike of Barack Obama, president of The United States. This is not bad in itself. We may even stop talking to those who do not realize or acknowledge our resemblance in looks or acts with

But i would like for you to know that you need to know WHO YOU ARE as a person. Yes we pick different characteristics and traits from our grannies, parents, caregivers, guardian, siblings, and our environment.
But each person still needs to know who he or she really is.
Knowing who you are is a very important step every human being needs to take in life. It is the key to unlocking great potentials in you.
Though it could be a challenging journey of discovery but let me say it is far more rewarding when you know who you are than being somebody else' shadow.

Have you ever wondered why somebody would talk and play and shout for hours without being tired and you can't just do half of that before you get exhausted?

Ever wondered why some people just like to be left alone indoor and some always want to be on the run or on the move?

The answer is simply because of difference in personality. They may have physical resemblance with someone in the nuclear or extended family but their personality is not the same as that of the person they resemble the most.

Watch out for more on our next postundefined
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There is this guy in your school, neighborhood, church, who makes you swoon.

He’s tall, funny, talented and incredibly handsome. Looks like you have some things in common and you like being around him. When he sings, dances, talks, plays football, draws or looks at you, you feel the butterflies in your tummy and always look forward to when you'll get to see him again even if you don't really talk.

Yes you are not in it alone.

Let's talk about it and learn some things to do about such feelings.undefinedundefined
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    See it this way. It's a feeling that will come a couple of times through your life time. So at whatever age it comes, it should be
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    The consequences of allowing the feeling to linger might be grave and if not properly handled. If it lingers, create a distance be
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    A good understanding of lust, obsession, infatuation as similar entity in comparison with love is very important. There is time fo
BetterMe is designed to give hope and provide direction sustainably to youngsters; to bridge the gap of missed training and to provide support through this critical stage of life.

Why Better Me? Every seed has in it the potential of becoming a tree and producing good fruit when properly planted on the right soil and nurtured to growth. We live in an age where so much can be available but so little is done because we have few instructors and fewer hearts who can identify the greatness in young people and nurture them to growth. Young people needs to be encouraged and made to see that irrespective of whatever must have happened or happens in their lives they can be better with right values.
Bridging the parenting gap; encouraging more Joseph(s), David(s), Esther(s), and Hebrew boys.
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    I love this platform
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