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Sunday Osho

Sunday Osho

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Arise O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey. To defend Nigeria, speak peace within her walls and prosperity within her palaces.

To serve our Father land with love and strength and faith with a unified vision of a great Nigeria. Pursued with all diligence, skill, competence and character.

A Nigerian where power supply is not erratic. One where her citizens irrespective of tribe, location, age, gender are valued and have access to basic needs of life as a right and not as a privilege.

A Nigeria where Nigerian Police is truly a friend, keeping citizens secure, not extorting nor being trigger happy snuffing lives of citizens to be protected.

And may the labour of our heroes past never be in vain as we place greater value on our huge and vast human resources than money. Measuring success not by wealth amassed but by positive impact and positive transformation of human lives.

To serve with heart and might one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity. A Nigeria where the heart of leaders and followers are united in love and the vision of Nigeria’s greatness. Where our heart and actions are not rooted in avarice but in fairness,good character justice and competency.

Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause; and forthwith stamp out corruption, ensure the rescue our kidnapped girls, putting an end to terrorism, drastically against bad and expensive governance.

Guide the present leaders right despite political differences and help our youths the truth to know. So that doing the right thing becomes the order of the day. Where the fear of making the wrong choices become the beginning of wisdom.

In love and honesty to grow, living just and true; creating a country that brings out the best in her citizens. So that as to stand shoulder to shoulder with other great nations of the world, not only in scientific breakthroughs and technological achievements, but in values and virtues and serving as a beacon of hope in a morally decadent world. A country where making money will be by smart; hard work, problem solving, credible idea generation and no longer by using human body parts.

Great lofty heights we shall attain as we unite together as one in purpose and vision, putting to profitable use our vast human capital and natural resources. Putting aside our differences so as to build the Nigeria of our dreams where peace and justice shall reign.

I see a New Nigeria where we all see development and progress as our pride and collective responsibility. Where our minds are simply dependent on good values and virtues.

Bless Nigeria. Bless My Homeland Forever…

Co-author and Editor: Tobi Oni
Author: Oluwakemi Adeyemo undefined
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BetterMe is designed to give hope and provide direction sustainably to youngsters; to bridge the gap of missed training and to provide support through this critical stage of life.

Why Better Me? Every seed has in it the potential of becoming a tree and producing good fruit when properly planted on the right soil and nurtured to growth. We live in an age where so much can be available but so little is done because we have few instructors and fewer hearts who can identify the greatness in young people and nurture them to growth. Young people needs to be encouraged and made to see that irrespective of whatever must have happened or happens in their lives they can be better with right values.
Bridging the parenting gap; encouraging more Joseph(s), David(s), Esther(s), and Hebrew boys.
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    I love this platform
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    Nice Concept


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