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Different people will have different description of the image above.
Some may see it as half full, some as half empty. Some may even say it is as good as empty since it is not full.

We all have different perspective to issues and situations of life. We see things in different ways. This is just how humans are wired. Mr. A's perspective to an issue is not bad neither is Mr. B's perspective to the same issue.

Someone may say learning is only done in the class room. For example you can only do science experiments mostly in the lab. While another person says learning can be done even on the street because they believe they could learn anywhere even with real life issues.

Our perspective to issues may make us see limitation or opportunities. For some, every challenge life throws at them is seen as a problems with or without solution while other see those challenges as opportunities to become better and learn more.

Each of us constantly or at some point encounters some roadblocks in achieving our dreams and aspirations. It is a normal principle of life which will not change.
But this roadblock is not to make us give up rather it is to sharpen our minds and help us become innovative.
To help us engage the power of our mind in imaginative and innovative thinking to get right solution(s) to our problems.

The saying goes thus that two good heads are better than one. Also that problem shared is half solved.
These statements have proven to be true because when you share your challenges with right minds, you are open to other people’s perspectives on how to approach the issue.
Hence you have more options open to you in form of solutions to the problem.

Are you having challenges with life and you feel stuck; at a crossroad; having problems making life altering decisions or you want other peoples opinion concerning an issue? Please feel free to share so you can have optional solutions to help you move on and be better.
You just might be one thought away from the right solution.

Please go to the comments section of this blog or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share with us because you are not alone and we care.
You could choose to be anonymous in your comments.

We would love to read from you.

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There is about to be a re-creation in Nigeria. There is a process of evolution that God is setting in motion.

We are getting pregnant with a new Nigeria. A beautiful Nigeria. A valuable Nigeria. A wealthy Nigeria. In this new Nigeria it will be absurd to see people in the front seat of a moving car without their seat belt, or breaking the traffic light etc. There is a new Nigeria where if you don’t know how to live in an orderly society, you will be jailed. The present Nigeria we have is one in which people believe you can’t succeed in business except you are corrupt and give bribe, but there is a new Nigeria coming where corruption will be an aberration.

In the old Nigeria, when someone says I am going into business, you know what he or she meant. It means I’m going into contract mostly government contract. The value you place on yourself will affect your behavior, confession and how you treat yourself. One major problem I see around is that most people don’t believe they deserve a better life. For me, it is not a question of maybe or maybe not, Nigerians deserve a better way of life. When I drive on the street and see the deprivation, and poverty, I know they deserve a better quality of life.

But you have to begin from now to condition your environment to the new revelation of a new Nigeria. Become a new and different person and make a different demand on your environment. Carry a different atmosphere of your own. When Jesus was around, He said the kingdom of heaven is here. Know you are under a different government. You have a different constitution, which is superior to this natural one. There is no sickness or poverty around you in that environment.

If Lagos in 30 years’ time will become as beautiful as New York, it’s not the government that will fix your house for you or plant a green lane in front of your house. The government can only fix public places. You will have to be the government and do your part and your neighbor will do his part. That’s when the city will look better. The most forceful way to pass this message across is to become different. Do your part and God cannot but do His own part.

I drive myself around and people wonder why I do that. This is because the old Nigerian mindset is – as soon as God is blessing you a little bit, you should start sitting in the owner’s corner. The most comfortable place in a car by design is the driver’s seat- that’s the owner’s corner. That is why all the buttons that control things in the car are around that seat. If Jesus tarries, by the time I am ninety I will still be driving, not an old man condemned to the back seat.

In the new Nigeria, people will be empowered that it will be so expensive to employ the services of a driver. I’m saying this so people will begin to adjust. Instead of housemaid, you’d buy a dishwasher. Or washing machine, drying machine, and learn to do things yourself. The temptation in Nigeria is that as you become powerful, you get a siren. But that is not the new Nigeria I see, I see a new Nigeria where justice will be the order of the day and there will be equality. A new Nigeria where power will not be abused but used for the right purpose.

I see a new Nigeria, the dawn of a new day. Will you be part of it or remain in the confines of the old Nigeria?

Written by Sam Adeyemi. A NEW NIGERIA.
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We sing a song in school that says: Parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow, try to pay our school fee and give us sound education.

Not just our parents, but to every adult, do not just pay our school fee, please teach us to be better citizens of our great nation Nigeria. Help us be children when we must be and adults we need to become.

We have always been told we are the leaders of tomorrow.
Please teach us how to lead and to lead better than you from today.
So the leadership weight of tomorrow will not be too heavy on us.

Remember we learn from what we see being done around us.
We ask that our education should not just be restricted to the four walls of our school.
Please model to us good virtues and character that will remain with us to sustain us farther in life in addition to the good things you buy for us. You know we love those goodies too.

Please make our country safe for us to live in today and for tomorrow.
Please do all you can to bring back our girls. We desire that as we celebrate our Nation's next independence memorial they are back with their families.

Thank you for celebrating us today.

Happy children's day to us.

God bless you.

Photo Credit: Footprints of David Art Academy. undefined
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Ever heard about John the baptist? He was on an assignment to announce the preparation of The Lord's way. A sort of preparatory ministry in expectation of Jesus Christ. John lived an ascetic lifestyle in the wilderness, ate only grasshoppers and honey and disconnected from social life. He gained followership for there were people who believed his message and were attracted to the discipline of his desert lifestyle.

Curiosity got the best of some members of his Jewish community. John was required to clarify and confirm his identity because there was a Jewish-national expectation of a Messiah, who would establish a new kingdom, as promised by God in the Jewish Scriptures - the Torah.

Now this was John’s testimony when the Jewish leaders[c] in Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to ask him who he was. He did not fail to confess, but confessed freely, “I am not the Messiah.”
They asked him, “Then who are you? Are you Elijah?”
He said, “I am not.”
“Are you the Prophet?”
He answered, “No.”
Finally they said, “Who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?”
John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’”[d].

Who and what we have discovered ourselves to be and live for will persistently attract questions from people around us. Some will discern exactly what we say and many others will assume other things. And not many will accept or celebrate our identity or calling.

FACT: Our identity and ambition will be severely tested and we must proof this consistently!

Like it was pointed out in the first post on temperament, different people around us will have their perspective and opinion. Some will be right while some will be wrong but the most important aspect is that we must firstly know who we are. Self discovery is vital to living a purposeful and fulfilling life. It is impossible to defend an identity or purpose that isn't discovered.

Our identity stems from a number of factors and it will be evident in our character, passions, commitment and way of life. Our identity is not often divorced from how we respond to others and to situations. For example, Lionel Messi, a Barcelona football maestro, would train more to be better at football because he knows he is talented. Likewise, the boxer, Floyd Mayweather would train more in order to sustain him as a winning boxer.

Many people often take on several identities and answer many callings enroute to a specific one. This is however not strange but it is essential for the wellbeing of any individual to discover self at some point in life.

CONCLUSION: Surrounding ourselves with people who know your true identity is very important as they are able to guide us in self discovery. These people also help in validating that identity. As earlier mentioned, different people may have different perspective and opinion of us based on the physical manifestation of us. This is not an excuse for our own self-confusion. We must invest time in self discovery and immerse ourselves in developing potentials within our identity. It is foolishness to fake our identity or to borrow that of others. It is also disastrous to deny our identity for identities must be embraced.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined
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He lost his dear mum to the cold hands of death immediately after his brother (Benjamin) was given birth to. Joseph had enough reasons to hate his little brother. He could have blamed is brother for the death of their mother, but he choose to love him instead.
His dad was at that time on the run because of being successful on the job. He was being pursued also for a crime he didn't commit. We could say his father had lots to deal with also.

He had several older brothers who could have looked out for him and taken care of him as a child but the opposite was the case. His growth setup is a lot similar to that of an average African polygamous family of this day where you have the father, mothers (wives) and the children from all wives. He was the first son of the most loved and youngest wife. So he received a one off strong attention and affection from the father and this made his older brothers more jealous and swollen with anger towards him.
The older brothers all had their mum around to care for them but this young man lost is mum when he was just a child. Probably that was why the father created a one off time for him. Child spacing in those days I picture may be as short as 2 or three years. He may just be as young as 3 years old when he lost his mum in a polygamous setting.
Losing your mum who could have cared for and protected you in such a setting would have been a really big blow on any child. One would have thought he would attract pity and care from other wives and brothers. But the little attention and care he got from the very scarce father who had loads of issues to deal with made his brothers and probably other wives hate him more. Irony of life.

I picture he really didn't have friends as such whom he could confide in or spend time with away from the unfriendly home set up. I reckon he was forced to grow up faster than he should. He grew up alone among adults just like me. He soon developed into a teenager who had a pretty rough start in life. He was usually on his own.
Then one time, his father made him a beautiful coat of many colors. Probably the only material gift he ever received from anyone all through that period of his life. How he must have cherished this gift. But this only gift only made his woes increase. His brothers hated him the more.
They even thought about killing him. oh how sad! He must have felt the entire world crumbling on him. How deeply emotionally hurt he must have felt seeing his own brothers planning his death right in front of him. No one to rescue or plead on his behalf.

The offense that made him face a near death sentence was because he had an identity. He knew who he was. He had a glimpse of his future and he lived towards that future. His identity wasn't even about his beautiful coat of many colors. His identity was not about what he had on him. It was about his inner self. What he had on the inside. What he could see while his eyes were closed. What he thought in his mind while all he gets and feels from those around him is hate.What he chose to see in all of his troubles as a young man.

It matters to let you know that discovering yourself, knowing who you are and who you can be, having an identity comes with some challenges. This is not to say you should not take the discovery trip and live true to your identity. Because the benefits far outweighs the challenges.
Infact the challenges makes your story exciting in the end and you get to learn a lot. It also brings the best out of you.

You know what? The challenges tend to unveil some hidden potentials and swags you never thought you had.
My own story continues soon on the post and we shall be reading more on temperament, character, behaviors and personality.undefined
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This past Sunday i was with a family and their 2 yr old was all over the place throwing and kicking balls. He has all kinds of ball. I was amazed at how he was kicking the black & white patterned soccer ball. He had amazing throws and kicks. He looked small for what he was doing but it was obvious his outward size didn't match the energy and talent of a world class footballer in him being displayed at that moment. His brother on the other hand loves to play with animal characters, ride bicycle and play chess. Yes he plays chess at age 4. I would be asking for too much asking the chess player to kick a ball as his 2 yr old brother does.

These two kids somehow know they are different individuals.

The 2 Year old knows he is the bubbly, jumpy, playful type.Plus he likes food. While the 4 yr old knows he is the one off playful, clingy, animal character and moving toys type. He hardly eat. Each of these boys knows what toys to point at in a toy store. Their parents, minders and teachers knows 2yr old is different from 4 yr old despite being born by same parents. In fact the 4 yr old knowing his brothers preference for toys can tell you his brother would not accept a set of toys from you because that is not the type of toys he has interest in. Amazing.

I could say these boys know themselves. They have an identity and they know it.

Building on the past posts that bothers on self discovery and identity i would like to let you know that it matters that you know yourself. Not just knowing yourself, knowing who you are. Its a giant step towards fulfillment in life irrespective of age. Below are some reasons why knowing your identity does matter.

1. You will have a sense of direction and purpose for existence. Jesus clearly knew what His existence on earth was for as shown in the scriptures below:

God’s Spirit is on me;he’s chosen me to preach the Message of good news to the poor,Sent me to announce pardon to prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind, To set the burdened and battered free, to announce, “This is God’s year to act!”.

2. In the game of football, players are arranged on the field of play. No player just takes any position. The positioning is based on their strengths and abilities. You and i know it will be awkward having the goal keeper in the middle of the field of play. You will know your strengths and weaknesses. Not for you to be proud with your strength or shrink in because of your weakness. But for you to know what good lies in your strength for you and for others and to be better on your weakness. You become a solution and being sought after when you develop your strengths.

3. Your identity helps you know what to accept and what to reject. It gives you a sense of dignity being treated for who you are. I mean discovering your innate strengths and interest, exhibiting it and being treated for that.

4. You will be able to live above mediocrity and status quo. You will stand out.

5. It saves you time and energy. You won't live life trying to be somebody else. Trying to be somebody else can be frustrating.

The benefits goes on and on. Please feel free to add yours in the comment tab.undefined
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We are still positive that you will return to us alive.
We pray that your abductors receive a touch from God to set you free now.
We have hope and pray that you will be healed speedily and be able to live a good life after you return to us.
We will train our minds and heart not to stigmatize or traumatize you with your experiences.

We pray that the nation and families will learn crucial lessons from all these to be able to protect our nation and our future.
Your freedom and right to be an individual which have been suspended we pray that it will be restored back to you.
Your hearts may have fainted and you may have been weary, we pray you healing and strength from your Maker to await salvation.
A salvation that makes you totally free. And not just the options of the abductor's cruelty and suicide bombing.
You have every right to be bitter and angry at us, but we pray you grace to forgive us all and be with us in peace when you return.

You have sacrificed even your life let alone your freedom for our nation, we pray we do not make light of that sacrifice.
You have been made to grow up suddenly as against your will and growth order, we pray you grace to manage the sudden change.
Your parents are in pain of missing and not being able to help get you back, we pray them healing and faith to believe you all shall return alive.
And we pray for wisdom and strength for us to be able to get you back home alive without further delay.

We miss you our dear Chibok Girls and we shall see you all soon in Jesus name.undefined
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There are several factors that contributes to the temperament(s) we have discovered or will be discovering we exhibit. A flash back self discovery journey into my childhood days presented me with a lot of knowledge about my predominant temperament. Growing up was sort of quiet and mostly in a serene environment. Noisy when i had to go to my mum's shop in the market. Without the heavy duty milling machines grinding it was a little serene. I grew up in the midst of adult cousins, uncles, aunties, neighbors and my siblings are way older than me. I had few peers to play with in very few occasions. I remember i loved to be with people and i go visiting neighbors maybe because i am bored i don't really know but i remember all i do is just say hello and sit to just watch or watch TV with them. If they are busy i could help with a few things i could do and when tired i bid good bye and back home. But most times i was quiet all through such visits. I had few school friends around i visited also but the visits were not for long and not more than once to each friend. Once i visited and noticed anything odd, i hurriedly left and would never visit again. Talking about learning and schooling. Waoh! I knew i learnt songs fast and liked to sing along when the cassette player plays songs like Afro Juju by Shina Peters, Ijo yoyo by Ayinla Kollington, Ijoba Orun Ku dede by Funmi Aragbaye, Mama by Boyz II Men and a lot other songs by Blacky, Alex Zito, Panam Percy Paul, Dele Taiwo, Adewale Ayuba, Ayewa Adelakun, Lauryn Hill etc. I also could move to rhythms and beats well. In fact i remember my dad usually engage myself and few cousins that came around once a while for short holidays in dance competitions. We get to be sprayed crisp 50k notes and the best dancer gets more. I love that part. I wouldn't naturally want to dance then unless i was encouraged to. I also remember a cousin's birthday party where my first sister knowing i could dance made me dance in a competition. I didn't win because that was the very first time i knew what competition was about. Not that i didn't dance well but i didn't sit on the chair fast enough. Am sure you have an idea of such dancing competition where you dance round chairs. If you have two kids dancing, you have one chair. The first to sit at the cut of the music is the winner. I wasn't first a good learner at school but later on i picked up and became an envy in class. I was usually quiet and communicated more with my facial expression. I guess my teachers didn't know my style of learning early enough and once i see a teacher as wicked or harsh my brain just shuts off from learning from that teacher. This continued till i got to primary 2 then i started having teachers i perceived to be friendly and could learn. This also affected me in some subjects in secondary school. I once had a Ghanian class teacher who told me i could run and run fast. I gave it a shot and it was interesting but my participation in sports was short lived because the teacher left the school to return to Ghana and shortly after we relocated. My new school hardly did sports. I lost all interest in sports in secondary school because we had just one physical health education teacher in Junior secondary school 1 who hardly comes to class because he was always too tired to comb all the arms. We only copied notes. Notes for me wasn't a good way to learn sports. Then it was a little more confirmed that i learnt better with pictures and actions. And we had another abusive teacher for 2 years. My brain simply shut down completely. In Senior secondary school we didn't do any thing sports related. And since i already knew learning through lots of notes was difficult, i knew i was going to opt for science subjects in SSS. I made a mistake of not finding out what it takes to be admitted into the science classes. I didn't know what was important in the Junior Secondary School Certificate Exam. Then i had a challenge with my result. I had a P 'pass mark' in mathematics. To be admitted into the science class, you must have either an A, B or C grade. Would i have to repeat junior secondary school 3? Would i manage the social sciences class? To be continued............................
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Have you ever had to feel like you are different or behave differently from your brother, sister, friend and at some point you feel you behave in a similar way with somebody in another class or in the neighborhood? I bet your answer is yes. You see some of your peers all jumpy and can talk to everybody for hours unending, yet you wonder how can they be this much of a talkative when you find it so easy to keep quiet and just watch. You or that other person different from you are simply being true to what we call individual temperament. Temperament can be defined simply as the combination of mental, physical, and emotional traits of a person; natural predisposition or as the manner of thinking, behaving, or reacting characteristic of a specific person. Our temperament is why we behave or act the way we do. There are two broad categories to simply explain temperaments: Introvert and Extrovert. There is this person in your class who is always quiet and never talks unless he or she is requested to talk. His or her name will hardly be in the list of noise makers and the person usually seem to be in a world of his/her own per time. This description may even fit you. We may then say that you or that person is introverted. On the flip side, there is this person who likes to talk, makes attempt at making the class lively. He or she is hardly quiet. You will find such person's name in the list of noise makers almost all the time. When the gathering is quiet, he or she is likely to make the first sound. You easily notice the person's absence in class or gathering because they can hardly not make their presence known. This description may even fit you.We may then say that you or that person is extroverted. Does any of these two category describe you or someone you now? If yes then you are step deep into knowing who you are psychologically and learning how to accept other people for who they are. More to come soon.
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It was like a coincidence. It soon felt like "God-ordained". A soul music played in you whenever you sight her. A reflex smile rushes through your face at thoughts of her.

Her tenderness brings out the "MAN" in you. Her toughness makes you irresistibly try harder. A lovely confusion in your soul. As gentle as you desire to be, a chemical mix in you wants you to help her calm her nerves. She can't deny noticing you but you must "be-the-man", as in, make the move.

Let's talk about this guys. I know you must have been there.

Post Written by Oluyemi Simeonundefined
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When a baby is born, almost immediately, older ones around start to describe who the baby looks like. Some say the baby looks like dad, mum, grand dad, grand mum etc. I remember as a child, some say i looked like my dad, some say mum, some say my brother, some say my sister, my dad said i looked like his mum in fact he gave me a name for that reason.
After a while the person who once said i looked like my mum said i looked like my sister again. I grew much older and i get other description of who i resembled. At a time my dad took pride in me resembling his mum (my maternal grandma) and also having liked some things he liked. I am sure you can relate with my story.

Many a time some parent(s) changes towards us for not resembling them either physically or behaviorally and we wonder why. We tend to want to try to be like such a parent so we can keep being in their good books and many atimes we just can not help the changes we feel in our personality and we just want to be different.

At this point we may be seen as rebellious, disobedient, proud, arrogant, non-classy, low class etc.
This also happens within our peers. Some friends want you to be like them, do things, speak, dress, walk and even treat people like they do.
They want you to like the things they like and hate the ones they hate. Some go as far as wanting you to go to places they go only and talk to people they talk to only. Isn't that amazing? It is like other people want to mold you into who they think you should be or what they want you to be. Argghhh!

Taking up different personalities or trying to be and please different people can be so confusing.
But the truth is we all want to be identified. In fact we want to at other times be associated with some set of people or somebody. We take pride in being referred to as looking like or acting like somebody.
For instance, you being a look alike of Barack Obama, president of The United States. This is not bad in itself. We may even stop talking to those who do not realize or acknowledge our resemblance in looks or acts with

But i would like for you to know that you need to know WHO YOU ARE as a person. Yes we pick different characteristics and traits from our grannies, parents, caregivers, guardian, siblings, and our environment.
But each person still needs to know who he or she really is.
Knowing who you are is a very important step every human being needs to take in life. It is the key to unlocking great potentials in you.
Though it could be a challenging journey of discovery but let me say it is far more rewarding when you know who you are than being somebody else' shadow.

Have you ever wondered why somebody would talk and play and shout for hours without being tired and you can't just do half of that before you get exhausted?

Ever wondered why some people just like to be left alone indoor and some always want to be on the run or on the move?

The answer is simply because of difference in personality. They may have physical resemblance with someone in the nuclear or extended family but their personality is not the same as that of the person they resemble the most.

Watch out for more on our next postundefined
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There is this guy in your school, neighborhood, church, who makes you swoon.

He’s tall, funny, talented and incredibly handsome. Looks like you have some things in common and you like being around him. When he sings, dances, talks, plays football, draws or looks at you, you feel the butterflies in your tummy and always look forward to when you'll get to see him again even if you don't really talk.

Yes you are not in it alone.

Let's talk about it and learn some things to do about such feelings.undefinedundefined
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  • Oluwakemi Adeyemo
    Oluwakemi Adeyemo says #
    Interesting. You feel all so shy and girlish waiting for another opportunity to see him. And you are wondering should I tell him?
There is something unique, positive and special you discovered about yourself. It could be a talent, skill, gift, intelligence, beauty, brilliancy, wisdom etc.

It makes you stand out and because many people don't just understand you discovered you had it in you, you feel intimidated letting it out. This is my encouragement; you are not alone.
If this young lad can let it out so you can. Yes let it out just like this 11year old did in this video:

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It doesn't matter how dark yesterday and today may have been for you, in as much as you still have life this minute, then there is hope for tomorrow. You can always get better and things will always be better.
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BetterMe is designed to give hope and provide direction sustainably to youngsters; to bridge the gap of missed training and to provide support through this critical stage of life.

Why Better Me? Every seed has in it the potential of becoming a tree and producing good fruit when properly planted on the right soil and nurtured to growth. We live in an age where so much can be available but so little is done because we have few instructors and fewer hearts who can identify the greatness in young people and nurture them to growth. Young people needs to be encouraged and made to see that irrespective of whatever must have happened or happens in their lives they can be better with right values.
Bridging the parenting gap; encouraging more Joseph(s), David(s), Esther(s), and Hebrew boys.
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    Nice Concept


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