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Chapter 18

So, so, so,
That was how I became not an artist, not a fashion designer but an instructor!
Sometimes, I just don't understand how God decided to make my job fantastic in the eyes of the learned and intelligent.
My designs were overrated.
Every big name wanted to buy designs from Rachael Arts!
Of course, Family has to be carried along.
Mum's dresses made waves as I could afford to draw and supervise her designs.
Tola, he just kept signing modeling contracts.
The naughty boy capitalized on my sudden popularity to broker some deals for himself.

About a year into all this changed status, my personal assistant came to me one day.
"Aunty Rachael, there is something I want to discuss with you"
"Go ahead"
She sat down.
"Aunty, my brother likes you"
I almost tripped over with laughter.
"Ok. Tell your brother I like him too even if I don't know him. Don't kill me"

"Aunty, I'm serious. He asked me to give him your number and I will give him"
"Folake, what is this?
Did I tell you I believe in all these blind dates and matchmaking thing?
Oya, get back to work quickly!"
"His name is Taiwo, he will call you.
Aunty Racheal, go and marry"
"If I open my eyes and you are still here!"

Just how my team kept taunting me with the issue of marriage.

I dropped what I was drafting.
"God, if you really have sent your rainbow…its been over three years now.
Please send a good man.
A man that will love me more than Banji."
Then He spoke to me.
"God has spoken once, twice I have heard, all power belongs to God"

The following day as Folake said, her brother called.
I wasn't just the type to follow all these none-stereotypical rules.
I didn't know why Folake was trying to match make me with her brother.
Yet, I decided to just let him be.

If someone had told me I would be able to love a man more than BJ, if someone had told me a man would lavish so much love on me more than BJ...I would never have believed it!

"Make sure you take care of this my daughter oh".
That was dad.
I had taken Taiwo to see him.
Dad was comfortable with the dates we chose for the introduction and the wedding.
Then I noticed aunty Franca's shop was locked.

" What of mummy twins? I didn't even notice I didn't see her"
"She no longer lives here"
I was confused.
"Taiwo, please can I talk to Dad alone"
"Alright dear"
"Dad, what's the problem?"
"I don't want her in my life anymore. I told her to leave the boys and go. She comes to check on them once in a while.

He paused for a few seconds.
"Racheal, do you think your mum will take me back?
Even if that is the last thing I will do before I die do you really think my wife will take me back after all these years?

Someone needed to wake me from this dream.
"Dad, have you spoken with her?"
"Not yet. May-maybe after your wedding"
"Well, I think you should be positive about it"
I was trying hard to play hard to get on behalf of mummy (Lol).
"That woman suffered much You know...anyway, don't tell her anything yet.
Tell Tola to try see me next week. I must talk to him"

Taiwo couldn't understand why I was crying in the car.
Its been 9 years already!
It was too overwhelming.
I just hope I could seal my lips when I got home.

My wedding was three days away. Team Rachael Arts decided to host myself and Taiwo to a fabulous surprise dinner.
It was a real surprise dinner for Taiwo and I.
My phone rang while I was greeting the guests.
"Hello BJ"
"Racheal, You look beautiful..."
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Chapter 14

True to his words, Tola became hardened- almost like a blasphemer.
He kept late nights more often and almost became wayward when he returned to school.

Service year passed in silence. I rarely made friends and kept to myself most times.
I saw BJ's wedding pictures all over the internet.His wife Toriola was a beautiful sight.
The truth was, I couldn't get over BJ so easily.
I was like a widow in mourning.
Sadly, because of my 'spiritual' status,most people thought I was 'holier than they were'.
BJ used to say, never wait for people to encourage you.Do it yourself because people fail.

Now, I didn't know where to start.
So I started by drawing.
Art gave me some sense of relief. I took so much interest in drawing and painting.
By the end of service year, I had drawn over 300 perfect pictures.
How time flew easily.

Now I'm in a locked room.
Sixth interview, no luck.
"Knock knock" ‘Tinu needs to know I don't feel like eating today’, I thought.
She had come to greet mum with her baby.
"Tinu I don't feel like eating ooooooh" I had to scream from the room.
"Then open the door!"
"Tinu, when are you returning to your husband's house?"
I laughed. Tinu knew better than to worry me.
I needed to do something.I couldn't afford to be a burden to mum.
That day,I opened my Bible and began to pray.
"Lord, My name is Rachael. I need a miracle"

"What do you need?"
I felt I heard that question in my heart.
'Excuse me?"
"What do you need?"
"A miracle!"
"Well that is general answer"
Oh my God! I was having a conversation in my spirit!
"Lord, I need a miracle!"

I would never forget that day!
I jumped out of my bed, straight to the balcony.
I couldn't ask for anything. I was excited.
"Lord, a miracleeeeeeee!"
"You haven't asked for anything Rachael"

We hold our readers in high esteem . Hence we sincerely apologise for not posting this chapter about this time last week.
Thank you for staying with us.

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