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Last post, I talked about work being the fulcrum of our dreams. However, what I did not mention was that we must never work with the similitude of lemmings. Our work must have direction, must be focused!

Joseph gave us a peek into this situation in his dream when he said, “we were all out in the field gathering bundles of wheat.”
The bloke did not see himself dressmaking, fetching water or leading sheep which was the first job we saw him doing before his brothers sold him into slavery.
Joseph was specific in his dream. He was putting sheaves together. He was providing solution to a food problem. He was producing value in the food industry.

This opened my eyes to the fact that our dreams should be focused on problem solving and creating value for a particular niche of life. It is not a surprise that in the future, we later saw him solving a global food issue.

Like a GPS system, the problem solving dream traversed time and space and guided him like a heat seeking missile smack-dab into the middle of a global food crisis where he was the only one with the wherewithal to resolve the conundrum.

Fact : Working on our dreams around the clock alone won’t cut it. Our dreams must be purposeful and precise with a problem solving mission. Working hard with that in mind is what will guarantee hitting the mother-lode no matter how long it takes.


So question for us is what industry of life are we dreaming of? What problems are we dreaming and thinking of solving in that industry?

All our work has to be geared towards something in the pursuit of our dreams. The greatest dreamers were those who had adding value in mind and value came back to them. They were like bees producing honey in particular areas of life e.g Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Mel Gibson, Muhammed Ali, Sam Adeyemi, etc.

The list is endless and with the passage of the sands of time, more names that we are quite familiar with will be added to the distinguished roll call.

Joseph again reminded me of God. God had a dream for humanity and worked towards it by sending his Son. This was written about the Heir he sent, “For this PURPOSE the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”

What problems would you be remembered for solving? Remember Joseph was still a teenager when he had his problem solving dreams.

Written by Dr. Eze Ekpochinyere undefined
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Different people will have different description of the image above.
Some may see it as half full, some as half empty. Some may even say it is as good as empty since it is not full.

We all have different perspective to issues and situations of life. We see things in different ways. This is just how humans are wired. Mr. A's perspective to an issue is not bad neither is Mr. B's perspective to the same issue.

Someone may say learning is only done in the class room. For example you can only do science experiments mostly in the lab. While another person says learning can be done even on the street because they believe they could learn anywhere even with real life issues.

Our perspective to issues may make us see limitation or opportunities. For some, every challenge life throws at them is seen as a problems with or without solution while other see those challenges as opportunities to become better and learn more.

Each of us constantly or at some point encounters some roadblocks in achieving our dreams and aspirations. It is a normal principle of life which will not change.
But this roadblock is not to make us give up rather it is to sharpen our minds and help us become innovative.
To help us engage the power of our mind in imaginative and innovative thinking to get right solution(s) to our problems.

The saying goes thus that two good heads are better than one. Also that problem shared is half solved.
These statements have proven to be true because when you share your challenges with right minds, you are open to other people’s perspectives on how to approach the issue.
Hence you have more options open to you in form of solutions to the problem.

Are you having challenges with life and you feel stuck; at a crossroad; having problems making life altering decisions or you want other peoples opinion concerning an issue? Please feel free to share so you can have optional solutions to help you move on and be better.
You just might be one thought away from the right solution.

Please go to the comments section of this blog or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share with us because you are not alone and we care.
You could choose to be anonymous in your comments.

We would love to read from you.

Post Edited by: Kolajo Olatokun.undefined
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There is something unique, positive and special you discovered about yourself. It could be a talent, skill, gift, intelligence, beauty, brilliancy, wisdom etc.

It makes you stand out and because many people don't just understand you discovered you had it in you, you feel intimidated letting it out. This is my encouragement; you are not alone.
If this young lad can let it out so you can. Yes let it out just like this 11year old did in this video:

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