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Our dreams determine the boundaries of our lives.
For example, if you have a dream of living quite long to the point of seeing your grandchildren, that dream should inform the decisions of your diet.
It might make you decide not to eat anything beyond a certain time, or not to eat some certain kinds of food (for me this is quite pertinent cause of my sweet-tooth).

Sleeping with Potiphar’s wife would have seemed like a great choice for a teenage slave boy.
Dipping his hands like Winnie the pooh into the honeypot belonging to his master would have been a high, massive infusion for the self esteem of the lad.

Being asked to dine on such delectable Egyptian dish oozing with fragrances was enough to blow up his senses. Madam would have also ensured he never ran out of cash.
His wardrobe would have being upgraded. His value would have increased. It was a mouth offering offer!
I mean taking up the status of Egypt's first lady's boyfriend sounds dope.

However, dude ran for dear life.
He fled like a deer being hounded by a lioness. As inviting as the proposal was, it was nothing compared to the DREAM!
The proposition would have killed the dream. The future was at stake.


Paul said that beside the knowledge of knowing God, all his attainments were dung, meaningless.

At the very end, it all boils down to what matters most to us.
What weighs most on the scales of our destinies...
It boils down to CHOICE....⁠⁠⁠⁠

What choices are you making today?


Written by Dr. Ekpo Ezechinyere
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In a deprivation riddled society like ours, it helps to dream.

Dreams take us on magical carpet rides beyond the harsh realities of the present. However, most times, we get to dream about things, the latest Escalade, designer wears, towering towers, millions in the account, positions, titles, etc.
As wonderful as these things are, dreaming about them is like longing for golden eggs when we can have the goose that lays them.

It was recorded that when Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, his own dreams came true. Concomitant to the realization of his dreams were an enviable position, the second best chariot in the land, a wife, kids, monetary rewards and all the luxury Egypt could afford then.

The actualization of Joseph’s dream came by creating value, solving problems; by saving a generation.
Every other thing was jara like we popularly say.
Though his brothers could not see it at that time, his dreams were not selfish; they did not revolve around him.

Henry Ford had a dream to provide cars that most Americans could afford and through that he created a legacy. He had a dream beyond himself and his immediate needs.

Joseph’s dream of having other sheaves bowing before his and heavenly bodies paying obeisance to him was a dream of leadership.
The dreams showed that he was going to stand out and he would be a luminary. His was not the kind of leadership that oppressed but the type that provided relief for an ailing world.
In the same vein, Henry Ford’s dream made him a leading force in the automobile industry of the world by meeting a need in his generation.

I dare say that to take the lead we might have to tweak our dreams a bit, you and I...
We must become dreamers of big dreams. When our dreams are so large that they are not limited to us, other things will certainly follow....

Written by Dr. Ekpo Ezechinyere.undefined
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