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Chapter 15

I was still at the balcony trying to figure out what exactly to ask for like I had only one chance when Banji's call came in.
"Hi BJ" I couldn't even contain my excitement!.
"Wow! You seem to be happy about something".
"Yes I am. Never mind”.
What's up?"
"I have been in IB for about three days now"
"Oh...well. So?"
"Would you be kind enough to see me for a few minutes? I need to talk to you"
"Okay.I'm actually indoor today so, you could drive down"
"I'd call you in an hour"

Mum came around.
"Were you talking to BJ?
For the first time, I didn't feel any hurt much.
" Mummy, trust me, I'd be fine."
Banji came right on time. He picked me from the front of our house and drove off to a quiet restaurant.

He didn't talk.
"Banji, what is the problem? Is Toriaola okay?"
I tried to break the silence.
He didn't respond.
"See, you are a married man, I don't want..."
"Rachael, Why didn't you stop me?"
I was confused.
"Stop you from doing what?"
"You didn't even try to stop me Rachael!"
"What is this about?"
"Just look at me. I'm a miserable man"
Now, I knew I had to keep quiet and listen.

"BJ, is your wife hurting you? You are just less than 2 years in your marriage"
"Rachael, it feels like 20years already! I can't go on like this!"
'Calm down BJ. What exactly is the issue?'
He put his hands on his face as if to pray.

"Toriola is a good woman…She is a good woman, hardworking, prayerful...
Whatever. But, Rachael, I can't connect with her.
I don't feel a thing for her.
I think of you everyday. This is crazy!

I kept quiet for a while. I could see the grief in his eyes.
" BJ, I can't help you". I said.
"Is there anything I can do? I haven't spoken with my mum for over a year now."
"I don't know sincerely" I replied.
I took my drink in a rush. I needed to leave.

"Rachael, wait! What if I divorce Toriola?
" BJ, God hates divorce".
"So, I'm going to live the rest of my life like this? Rachael, I can't!!!"
I stood to leave this last time.
"I don't think I could live above this error ever!
I'm punishing Tori. She cries almost every night.
She is tired of trying to please me.
My heart is somewhere else and she knows it!

That night, I felt pity for him...

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