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Dream 4 : Good Stress

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Every fiber of my being detests it, but recently I am beginning to see it in a new light. However, I still don’t welcome it as a lover’s hug.

If Joseph had accepted Potiphar’s wife offer, it would have been so convenient, extremely so. Hammocks, cushions, dates and stolen kisses along the banks of the Nile would seemingly be a better option than a prison anytime.
Less work and more fun appears to be a better deal but thing was, the road to the palace had to be navigated through prison walls.

It was in the stressful environments of being a slave and a prisoner that Joseph honed his craft, developed capacity, learned administration and acquired managerial skills.
The harsh conditions brought out his very best so much that he became the go-to man.

I would wager that many ladies would swoon over dudes with bulging pecs, rippling beefcakes and six packs (not the beer kind).
That kind of musculature does not fall like ripe cherries over men. If it did, I would have looked more like Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.
It comes by STRESS!
Stress that is laser focused and intentionally deployed. That is what Joseph did with his stress. He did not drag himself around in a catatonic haze moping and weeping, wondering why the deck of life had dealt him a bad hand.

Human beings can be stressful and Joseph encountered many of such people but he never became bitter or petty.
It was human beings that led him to the prison, brothers inclusive. It was also a human being that brought him out.

In it all Joseph still loved people (his dream boiled down to all about saving people), which was why he was able to see that the crestfallen countenance of the Butler and the Baker.
There would have been no shortage of schadenfreude for another in Joseph’s shoes seeing the notable officers of Pharaoh thrown in to share his gloomy quarters.

The most remarkable thing of all was that in those stressful seasons of his life, HE NEVER GAVE UP ON HIS DREAM! This was why he told the Butler, “Mention me unto Pharaoh, tell Pharaoh about me, give my dossier or C.V to the monarch!”
That was crazy audacity of faith and hope.

The dreams he had were dreams of leadership, of being first amongst equals and to him that meant he could stand in the same court with Pharaoh.
His brothers could take away his colorful robe but negative, stressful conditions and people could not strip him of his total belief and commitment to his dreams.

Stressful conditions and peeps abound but how we fare in such situations is dependent on us. Would we allow them break us, lose faith and hate people or would we use them to increase our capacity, skills and love?


Use stress and distress to your advantage as you hold on to your dream.

I trust that very soon, your phone will ring off the hook and you will pick up to hear Pharoah’s chief of Staff calling you to the palace.
When the time comes, will you be the man or woman for the job????
I believe we have everything it takes to be......BE EXPECTANT....

Written by Dr. Ekpo Ezechinyere undefined


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