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Concluding Chapter, The Arc

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Chapter 19

"BJ! What are you doing here?
I couldn't believe he travelled down for my dinner.
" You don't want me around?"
"No-not that. Just that I was wondering how you got the information.”
He laughed.
"Tola is till my little brother you know.”
“Oh that!”
"You look gorgeous in this dress.”
"Thank you" I said shyly.
He paused for a while, looking distracted.

"Well, I won't be able to attend your wedding. I could have a heart attack.
(He laughed a bit) so I decided to come and say my wishes.
"Thanks BJ. Don't worry, you will be fine..."
"But don't worry. My family will be represented. Toriola will come".
"BJ, you are punishing that woman."
"We are in this together. She dares not disobey me.”
Besides, she said she doesn't mind coming"
"OK. (I sighed) Your call".
I turned to leave.

Oh dear, Banji needed to let go.
"Doctor says we are having a baby girl”
" Wow! Congrats."
"I'm naming her Rachael"
"Banjjiiiiii" Now, I was getting emotional.
"If you ever wake up one day and feel like quitting this marriage, even if it’s after your 5th child, I will be waiting to take you back and..."
" Stop this talk"

"Racheal, I've been looking for you all over the place" That was Taiwo.

I think that was a very good time.
"Taiwo, guess who we have here?"
"Oh!The famous Bj?'
BJ managed a smile. They both shook hands and talked briefly. Men!
" Taiwo, please take care of Rachael for me"
"By God's grace. I will bro"
" I could Kill anyone who tries to hurt her you know"
''Luckily, there won't be a need to kill." Taiwo laughed.
''You guys have fun and a happy life ahead."

Taiwo stood by me till BJ left.
"Are you alright?"
"Yeah" I was shaky; Maybe because I felt nothing for him anymore.
I closed my eyes to say a little prayer.
"Lord, please send your peace to BJ. He has suffered too much."
"Let's go sweetheart. Some guests are waiting to see us" Taiwo said.

I got home that evening, tired and weak.
Mum was laughing so hard that I could hear from outside.
Tinu was around already. She came to meet me at the gate.
"Sister, be ready for the rudest shock of your life!"
"Please my wedding is in 3days.No energy for shocks. What is it?"

Dad came home.
Mummy agreed to move back with him.
Jesus Christ!
"Sorry Tinu, I wasn't shocked. I knew this before you" I laughed as I went to hug mummy.
We were celebrating all over .Mum couldn't contain her joy.

"Where is Tola? I noticed I didn't see him.
" Tola! Tola!" Everyone started looking for Tola.
I went outside. Saw him at the back of the building all alone.
"Tola, are you alright?"
For the first time in a very long time, Tola was crying.
"Tola, what's wrong?"
He held my hand.
"Sis, today is the happiest day of my life. Everything is overwhelming to me.
Dad is here...Really? God!!!"
"Hey, it’s okay, come in.”
"Will God accept me again? I've said so many wrong things..."
"Just come in..."

Wedding was fabulous. Everyone was happy. Those who ran things in the fashion and arts industry were in attendance.
A woman came to greet me while I was dancing with some guests.
Something tells me she must be Toriola.
" Hello Madam, congrats!"
"Thank you so much madam"
She paused.
"Errr, you mind if I whisper something?"
"Go ahead"
"Thank you for not ruining my home...I know BJ tried hard to win you back".
Oh dear, her eyes were reddish already.
" Hey, common, stop this talk.."
"Thank you so much Rachael...It’s been a real battle.
“So tough a life I swear.”
I held her hands.

" Toriola, BJ is a good man. Take over his heart in the place of prayer.
Don't allow the devil torture you with a loveless life and if you need any help, this is my card. Call me.
She wiped a tear.
"Thank you Rachael. You don't know how much this talk means to me".
"It’s okay ...come, dance with me. No crying at my wedding".

Ten months later...
Another colour of His Rainbow...
"Congrats Madam, It’s a baby boy!"
...And here am I today, saying my story.
The Colours of His promises, like a rainbow are Beautiful!

-The End-

The Arc is purely an imagination of the writer. All names, places and events are purely fictional.
We hereby apologize if a part or the whole of the story coincides with the true story of any person or group of persons.
Thank you for reading the Arc.
May His Promises, like a rainbow rise with many colours in our lives.

- Temitope Ogunjuyigbe



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