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Chapter 9, The Arc

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Chapter 9

Exams had gone on for two weeks.
Tola had finished his examinations. Tinu has 3 papers left while I still had about seven left.

That afternoon, I was reading for the next paper which would hold in two hours. Tinu was busy cooking.


This is why I like to read in the library- I thought.
"I'm sure someone has come for salt or maggi "
Tinu went to get the door.
Two policemen and a young man.

"Good evening sir"
"Hello ladies. We are here to see Tola"

I stood to my feet.
"Sir, what is the issue? Tola is my brother"
Tola stood to meet them. He looked away from me.
"Tola, what is going on here?" I asked in haste.
"That's him", The young man said.
" Tola, You are under arrest for..."
"I know!" Tola snapped.

Tinu began to cry."Tola, I told you"
Tola turned to me "Sister, I'm sorry"
The officers put a handcuff on his hands. Neighbors came out of their rooms trying to understand what was going on.

"Officer, please I beg you. Just let me know what he did"
"Kids! (He sighed) Tola broke into this young man's room and carted away with N70,000 two weeks ago.
He didn't know someone saw him."
Of course that had to be a joke!
"Can I talk to him sir?"
"At the police station"

I dashed into the room to take my purse.
"Tinu, did you know about this?"
She was crying and nodding.
"I warned him oh---sister, I warned him"
I didn't know what to do or say. Definitely, it had to be a dream!

I got to the station with Tinu. The officer brought him out.
Tola didn't shed a tear.
"Tola, Tola why did you do this?"
"My mum was dying!!!She was dying!!"
"That was not an excuse!"
"I'm not sorry!"
"Well, you shut up Tola! God would still have helped us"
He laughed so hard.
"What is wrong with you?" I was surprised.

"Sister, you talk too much about God.
Where was God when dad turned his back on us? Where was He when my mum was dying?
I was shocked!
" Tola, how dare you?
How dare you talk like this? Tola, God sits in heaven, You are on earth, let your silly words be few!"

"Ok! ok! I've always known you, God is always right to you.
But I couldn't stand it. Tinu wanted to sleep with a man for thirty thousand Naira only.
I couldn't let someone take my sister's pride so cheaply. All I wanted to do was save my mummy"

The police woman looked at us.
She must have overheard all our conversation.
"Time to go Tola" She took him in.
"I'm sorry sis. Please tell mummy I'm sorry"

The woman came back to meet me still at the counter.
"Hello Young woman"
“Do you believe God can help you through this?”
For once, I didn't know what to believe.
"The boy's father is a rich man. He is threatening to teach your brother a lesson.
He says we should not grant him bail for less than N500,000.If you know how to pray, pray."

...N500,000 ?

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