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Chapter 17, The Arc: A dress sketch

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Chapter 17

“What are you talking about?"
"Church' talk!" Mum said.
"Not interested. Bye!" He shut the door and left.
Mum and I laughed.
"I won't force him. He is definitely in my ark and your ark. No escape route!"
Then, I paused!

"Mum, do you think BJ was right? He said I should have stopped Him from that Marriage"
Mum held my hand.
"He wasn't right. He wasn’t.
He should have voiced his mother's concerns from inception. How could he be talking to you every day without voicing such?
He kept a secret till it consumed him.
How were you supposed to fight a battle you knew nothing about?

Mum was right.
" I don't think I can get over him"
"Have you talked to God about it?"
"Hahaha. About love?"
"Rachael, when your flood ceases, God sends an Arc!"
"What is that?"
"An Arc of many colors- A rainbow!.What you need now is a rainbow"

I was laughing really hard.
"But before you leave the Ark, you must send your 'dove' to the world.
Exactly what I needed.
That night I prayed and received so much peace!
I took my drawing book and drew a beautiful dress. I decided to post it online.
By morning, the picture of the dress had gone viral!
'God! What is this? It’s just a dress!'
Well, whatever.

I went about my job seeking business as usual.
About 2 weeks later, something happened.
One of my friends, Nikky called.
" Racheal, whatz up now? How did it go?"
"Hi Nikky, I’m fine oh. How did what go?"
"Hahan, you think we will not know Abi?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Wait? You mean you didn't go for the fashion show?"
"Which fashion show?"
"What? Why are you like this? Don't tell me you didn't know Genes has been looking for you?"
"Genes the designer?"
"He said anyone who knows you should tell you to meet him by 10:00am today at his Lagos Fashion show"

My phone rang again.
"Rachael, why didn't you show up?"
"Art awards"
"Rachael, just don't tell me you didn't come to Abuja because of me!"
"What are you talking about BJ?"
He sighed.
"You keep forgetting things. Why this?"



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