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Chapter 12, The Arc

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Chapter 12

As expected, Chima came to talk with me.
I guess I had to let her go.
Both of them knew I was the only one to convince our parents.
God was on our side.
Our parents gave their consent after a few hurdles.
So we began the wedding plans. Marriage was fixed for two months later.

Tinu's wedding was spectacular. Mum was the happiest woman on earth.
I always wished I got married before her but then, I was very happy for my girl.
Banji was there to give so much support -morally and financially.
All was beautiful. Well-except for Tola who bought so much alcohol for his friends!
That boy never listens.
"Sister, you can't impose this your SU thing on me jor.Its Tinu's wedding and my friends have to be spoilt!"

And of course Banji would say "Leave him, God has him covered."

Banji's sister, Ireti called me few days after the wedding.
"Racheal, I need to speak with you when you are free"
"Is Banji okay?"
"Yeah- Yeah.But, I must talk to you...

That day, I wasn't at peace.
That was very unlike Ireti.
I had spoken with Banji earlier in the day.He didn't seem to be in any sort of trouble.

The following day, I decided to call her.
"Rachael, how are you?"
"Iya oko Mi , I'm as fine as ever.Thanks for attending Tinu's wedding. I'm so grateful"
Then she paused.
"Racheal, you are a good person and I love you so much.But there is a truth I must tell you because you are a woman like me"
Now, my heart was beating fast. What could this be?
"Rachael, Banji is getting married"

"What? Which Banji?"
"I know you don't know.That is why I'm telling you.
The introduction was done three weeks ago and he is tieing the knots in four months from now"
“Apparently, this was some joke of the century” .I thought.
Ireti would not lie to me.
Banji was at Tinu's wedding two weeks ago. We spoke everyday.
Where was this coming from?
"Thank you sister Ireti.I don't know what to say. But, thank you".
"Just be cool girl.I-I really wished I could tell you this earlier but- but I didn't know how to do it."
"Ok ma."

I walked to the balcony feeling like a living dead.
I dialed Banji's number.
"Beejay,how are you?"
"Sweet heart, how far?"
"Banji, is it true you are getting married?"

Banji was quiet.
"Did Ireti call you?"
"Answer my question BJ"
Then he was quiet again.
"I will be coming to Ibadan this weekend. Let's talk in person"
"BJ, just say Yes or No. Don't torment me"



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