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John was sure

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Ever heard about John the baptist? He was on an assignment to announce the preparation of The Lord's way. A sort of preparatory ministry in expectation of Jesus Christ. John lived an ascetic lifestyle in the wilderness, ate only grasshoppers and honey and disconnected from social life. He gained followership for there were people who believed his message and were attracted to the discipline of his desert lifestyle.

Curiosity got the best of some members of his Jewish community. John was required to clarify and confirm his identity because there was a Jewish-national expectation of a Messiah, who would establish a new kingdom, as promised by God in the Jewish Scriptures - the Torah.

Now this was John’s testimony when the Jewish leaders[c] in Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to ask him who he was. He did not fail to confess, but confessed freely, “I am not the Messiah.”
They asked him, “Then who are you? Are you Elijah?”
He said, “I am not.”
“Are you the Prophet?”
He answered, “No.”
Finally they said, “Who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?”
John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’”[d].

Who and what we have discovered ourselves to be and live for will persistently attract questions from people around us. Some will discern exactly what we say and many others will assume other things. And not many will accept or celebrate our identity or calling.

FACT: Our identity and ambition will be severely tested and we must proof this consistently!

Like it was pointed out in the first post on temperament, different people around us will have their perspective and opinion. Some will be right while some will be wrong but the most important aspect is that we must firstly know who we are. Self discovery is vital to living a purposeful and fulfilling life. It is impossible to defend an identity or purpose that isn't discovered.

Our identity stems from a number of factors and it will be evident in our character, passions, commitment and way of life. Our identity is not often divorced from how we respond to others and to situations. For example, Lionel Messi, a Barcelona football maestro, would train more to be better at football because he knows he is talented. Likewise, the boxer, Floyd Mayweather would train more in order to sustain him as a winning boxer.

Many people often take on several identities and answer many callings enroute to a specific one. This is however not strange but it is essential for the wellbeing of any individual to discover self at some point in life.

CONCLUSION: Surrounding ourselves with people who know your true identity is very important as they are able to guide us in self discovery. These people also help in validating that identity. As earlier mentioned, different people may have different perspective and opinion of us based on the physical manifestation of us. This is not an excuse for our own self-confusion. We must invest time in self discovery and immerse ourselves in developing potentials within our identity. It is foolishness to fake our identity or to borrow that of others. It is also disastrous to deny our identity for identities must be embraced.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined


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