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There are several factors that contributes to the temperament(s) we have discovered or will be discovering we exhibit. A flash back self discovery journey into my childhood days presented me with a lot of knowledge about my predominant temperament. Growing up was sort of quiet and mostly in a serene environment. Noisy when i had to go to my mum's shop in the market. Without the heavy duty milling machines grinding it was a little serene. I grew up in the midst of adult cousins, uncles, aunties, neighbors and my siblings are way older than me. I had few peers to play with in very few occasions. I remember i loved to be with people and i go visiting neighbors maybe because i am bored i don't really know but i remember all i do is just say hello and sit to just watch or watch TV with them. If they are busy i could help with a few things i could do and when tired i bid good bye and back home. But most times i was quiet all through such visits. I had few school friends around i visited also but the visits were not for long and not more than once to each friend. Once i visited and noticed anything odd, i hurriedly left and would never visit again. Talking about learning and schooling. Waoh! I knew i learnt songs fast and liked to sing along when the cassette player plays songs like Afro Juju by Shina Peters, Ijo yoyo by Ayinla Kollington, Ijoba Orun Ku dede by Funmi Aragbaye, Mama by Boyz II Men and a lot other songs by Blacky, Alex Zito, Panam Percy Paul, Dele Taiwo, Adewale Ayuba, Ayewa Adelakun, Lauryn Hill etc. I also could move to rhythms and beats well. In fact i remember my dad usually engage myself and few cousins that came around once a while for short holidays in dance competitions. We get to be sprayed crisp 50k notes and the best dancer gets more. I love that part. I wouldn't naturally want to dance then unless i was encouraged to. I also remember a cousin's birthday party where my first sister knowing i could dance made me dance in a competition. I didn't win because that was the very first time i knew what competition was about. Not that i didn't dance well but i didn't sit on the chair fast enough. Am sure you have an idea of such dancing competition where you dance round chairs. If you have two kids dancing, you have one chair. The first to sit at the cut of the music is the winner. I wasn't first a good learner at school but later on i picked up and became an envy in class. I was usually quiet and communicated more with my facial expression. I guess my teachers didn't know my style of learning early enough and once i see a teacher as wicked or harsh my brain just shuts off from learning from that teacher. This continued till i got to primary 2 then i started having teachers i perceived to be friendly and could learn. This also affected me in some subjects in secondary school. I once had a Ghanian class teacher who told me i could run and run fast. I gave it a shot and it was interesting but my participation in sports was short lived because the teacher left the school to return to Ghana and shortly after we relocated. My new school hardly did sports. I lost all interest in sports in secondary school because we had just one physical health education teacher in Junior secondary school 1 who hardly comes to class because he was always too tired to comb all the arms. We only copied notes. Notes for me wasn't a good way to learn sports. Then it was a little more confirmed that i learnt better with pictures and actions. And we had another abusive teacher for 2 years. My brain simply shut down completely. In Senior secondary school we didn't do any thing sports related. And since i already knew learning through lots of notes was difficult, i knew i was going to opt for science subjects in SSS. I made a mistake of not finding out what it takes to be admitted into the science classes. I didn't know what was important in the Junior Secondary School Certificate Exam. Then i had a challenge with my result. I had a P 'pass mark' in mathematics. To be admitted into the science class, you must have either an A, B or C grade. Would i have to repeat junior secondary school 3? Would i manage the social sciences class? To be continued............................


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    Olubukola Adeyemo Thursday, 23 April 2015

    Good one girl

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