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Chapter 8, The Arc

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Chapter 8

I rushed to the hospital hoping the inevitable hadn't happened.
"Mummy Tobi, where is my mummy?"
"The doctor says I should call you"

"Rachael", I couldn't sit as the doctor spoke.
"I'm afraid you can't be a donor. The blood groups don't match."

Meaning I needed another donor or needed to buy blood.
I was most confused.
My phone kept ringing.

"Tinu, I can't handle this all alone". I burst into quick tears.

The only person I knew to be a blood type O was Tola.
Tola could donate but there was no transport fare to bring him home.
I had a lengthy talk with Tinu. She insisted she would prevail on Tola to borrow money from wherever and come home.

I wanted them to stay back and write their exams.
Everything was overwhelming!

Banji called. I explained the whole situation to him.
"Rachael, Don't let anything move your faith away from Whom you've always believed. He will come through. Just be calm"
I didn't know how to be calm.
I bought Malt and Milk with the money I had left. Mummy Tobi was a petty trader who had spent her little savings on mum before calling me.

Somehow, I was going to think of a way, but I didn't know how.
I went home that day with hate towards my dad.
This wasn't the father I knew all my life. How could he be so uncaring?!

I searched the whole house for mum's jewelry. I was going to sell them off the following day.
The whole house looked empty.
Apparently mum had been selling her stuff to make us feel good at school.

Tola called me. I was miserable with tears but I had to be strong for them.
"Just read...You know that MTH104 is difficult"
Tola was a quiet person. You would never be able to read him.
"Sis, I will be there day after tomorrow. God will provide money."

Two days later, Tola came with me with Tinu.
"And where did you both get money to be travelling with?" I asked surprisingly.
"God provided".

Tola and Tinu were acting strangely.

"Sis, let's go see the doctor"

The doctor took his blood sample and confirmed he could donate.
"Doctor, this is the deposit"
I looked at Tinu with shock.
"Sis, you would keep the remaining money as we don't know just yet, the hospital bill balance..."
"Don't ask me where I raised the money. We would talk about that later"

The transfusion was done.
Bills were paid.
Mum was to be discharged later in the week.
My siblings returned to school.
I stayed with mum a few more days.

Something just did not feel right...



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