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Chapter 7, The Arc

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Not long after Dad was retrenched, I got a call from one of our neighbors.
"Come home,your mum needs you".

This kind of message wasn't good especially as exams were in two weeks. So I called Tinu to tell her I was traveling home.
" Should I come with you?"
"Why should you?Exams are here.You need to read! Just make sure you keep an eye on Tola.
Besides,I won't be away for long.I just hope she wants to talk to me.Maybe dad is acting up again."

Banji had rounded up his program but was yet to get a job.
I called him to inform him and asked him to pray with me.
I got home to see one of my aunts at home. "Mummy Tobi!"
"My dear" She didn't look bright.
“Where is my mummy?”
"The hospital"
"Ha ha! What is wrong with her?"
"Just come, let's go see her"

We got to the hospital,I was frightened.
"God,don't let this be what I'm thinking"
I got to the room where my mum was. She looked sickly and almost dying.

She held my hand.

"Rachael,how are you?"
"If-if anything happens to me...'
" Mummy! Just stop.Nothing is going to happen to you or anyone!"

I took her hands off my hand.
My aunt was crying.
I wasn't in the mood for any tears.Banji is going to yell at me if he hears I cried. He taught me to always be strong.

The doctor walked in.
"Sir,what is wrong with my mummy?"
She needs a blood transfusion.If we get donors,fine. You would need a deposit of N20,000.But if we don't get donors..."

"So,you are saying my mum is lying down here because of twenty thousand Naira?!
Doctor,please just help my mum.We would pay."
"I'm sorry dear,we need you to get either the blood or the..."

There was no way I could sit here and let mum die because of twenty thousand Naira.
How could mum have been this sick and be telling us all was well?States were owing salaries for over 4months yet mum just sent money for Tola's tuition fee.
How could she be so sick and send school fee?
I hopped on a bike and went straight to Dad's place.
Aunty Franca was watching a movie.
"Aunty Franca,Please I need to talk to my dad"

Dad came out from his room.
She looked at me and dropped the remote.
"If you have come for money,we don't have money"

This wasn't time to quarrel.I turned to Dad.
"Daddy,my mum is dying!"
Aunty Franca interrupted,
"Sweetheart,if you are planning on borrowing from me,I don't have money oh"

For the first time,I felt so disgusted at my dad.
I dropped to my knees.
"Aunty Franca,I am not asking you to give us.I'm just asking you to lend me.Please,don't let my mummy die..."
"My dear,if your father has money,fine.Me, I am running around trying to raise school fees for your brothers. Or should they drop out of school?

My phone rang,
It was my aunt.

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