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Chapter 16, The Arc

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Chapter 16

The whole world was quiet as he drove me home.
"Good night BJ. Safe Trip to Abuja tomorrow."

" Yeah?"
"If you ever change your mind, If you ever decide to take me back...I'd sort the divorce in less than two months.
Toriola knows this already.

I am a very emotional person.
I wanted to cry.
" Stop this Jargons BJ! Toriola is a good woman. Don't hurt her!"
"Let me worry about that.
She is not happy with me. So, what's the point?"
"Goodnight Banji"

I rushed to the verandah while he drove off speedily.
I couldn't deal with the frustration in his voice.
Mum was at the door.
"Are you okay? I wanted to call you but..."
"I'm fine ma"

I walked into the room. My emotions were at the peak.
I began to draw.
My eyes were soaked.
I drew a picture of what we would have looked like on our wedding day.
It was a very beautiful one.

'You didn't even see me come in"
"Sorry Ma" I quickly tried to hide the picture."
"Let me see what you're hiding"
"Haba. Mummy, no o"
She sat on the Bed.
"Don't you think you should stay away from BJ?"
"Of course I will."
She sighed deeply.

"You know, there is this story of Noah's ark in the Bible.
Sometimes, I think the life of a believer is like that Ark.
There is a stage in your life where it feels like you are the only one serving God.
Yet, you are the one God promises a flood.
Then, He gives you an Ark and keeps you in there---He shuts you in that ark and you can't even escape!

You know how Noah must have felt when He was following God's instruction, building an ark of salvation...yet the flood destroyed everything in his World?
It-it almost makes no sense!
Then even the ark must have been tossed by the flood, hitting rocks...Noah didn't know how long this 'Flood’ was going to last!
But then, guess what the Bible says?.
"God remembered Noah"

That was the first time I would be having a real conversation with my mum. It seemed so unreal!
"Mummy wait!", I picked my Bible from my reading table, opened it quickly to Genesis 7-8 to search for Noah's ark.
"Mummy, I have never seen this story from this perspective!"
She smiled.
"You know, the flood- the flood moved the Ark to the top of the Earth!"
"Good girl!
This same flood has taken you to the top where people will see you!"
"Mummy! Even when the flood was subsiding, the ark landed on a mountain top!!!"
"That's my girl!"

Then she was silent and thoughtful.
"Mum are you okay?"
"Rachael, if I could turn back the hands of time, there is just one thing I would have done.
I would never have allowed Franca take your father away from me.
All the people in Noah's ark were saved.

I was too emotional and angry at that time.
I should have fought for my marriage and not let that strange woman bewitch your father.
Your dad is a good man. He loves you all.
He was my husband when we had nothing. He was my husband when he was nobody.
I let the devil ruin my marriage.
Now see how Tola is growing. He doesn't even know how to be a man. He is just living his life trying to prove a point.
I'm not going to lose Tola. Never! My son is coming back to the Lord.
Your father is coming back home...

"What have you both been talking about since?"
Tola was at the door...

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