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Our goal is to reach and teach one to reach another. Together we can reach out to other young people. Exciting programs, and activities are to be fully implemented
You are not alone and yes we mean it. Growing up can be challenging and can seem like no one understands. Please feel free to share with us about issues and questions. Some one is waiting and willing to assist you.
your dream can become a reality. Yes we need you to know that for sure. We believe in living a life of positive impact but you need to be equipped to do so. Hence our willingness to assist you in acquiring skill sets necessary to be equipped for what you love to do to impact lives positively and to populate God's kingdom.

BetterMe is designed to give hope and provide direction sustainably to youngsters; to bridge the gap of missed training and to provide support through this critical stage of life.

Why Better Me? Every seed has in it the potential of becoming a tree and producing good fruit when properly planted on the right soil and nurtured to growth. We live in an age where so much can be available but so little is done because we have few instructors and fewer hearts who can identify the greatness in young people and nurture them to growth. Young people needs to be encouraged and made to see that irrespective of whatever must have happened or happens in their lives they can be better with right values.

Bridging the parenting gap; encouraging more Joseph(s), David(s), Esther(s), and Hebrew boys.

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